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    1500 WoC Army list

    Hi there! This is my first proper attempt at a Warriors of Chaos list, and although I haven't played any lengthy games of 8th edition yet, I used to play warhammer in 6th and 7th, so I hope I've got an idea of what's good etc! To be honest, part of this list is there because I already have the models and they're being painted up, but if there are any glaringly obvious mistakes or tactical errors then please point them out as any comments, advice or criticism is more than welcome!

    So here goes:

    Exalted Hero of Khorne
    - MoK, Chaos chariot, Halberd, Charmed Shield... 234

    Chaos Sorcerer of Nurgle
    - MoN, Level 2 upgrade... 140

    15 Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch
    - Shields, Full command, MoT ... 290

    44 Chaos Marauders of Khorne
    - MoK, Flails, Light Armour, Full Command... 314

    30 Chaos Marauders
    - Shields, Light Armour, Full Command... 200

    5 Chaos Knights of Khorne
    - MoK, Full Command, Blasted Standard... 320

    I make that a total of 1498, so I'd be using this in my early 1500 point games, and then expanding it to a 2000 point list with a Sorcerer Lord and something else!

    Thanks for looking!

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    I AM the Evil Twin! Jared van Kell's Avatar
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    1466 (x8)

    Drop some the light armour on the Khorne marauders, most of the time they will not get to use it as a lot of the attacks will coming into them will be strength 4 and then drop them down to 40, plus with 41 strength 5 attacks in the first turn of combat at initiative 4 they will kill quite a bit. This gives you 60pts to play with. Use those points to pay for the Mark of Tzeench on the smaller unmarked marauder unit with shields, trust me you won't regret it as you have a 5+ armour save and a 5+ parry save. With the remaining points buy one more chaos knight to increase their size to 6.

    Oh and welcome to Librarium Online. I hope you enjoy your time here.

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    Basically life sucks, there is only war and you're probably gonna get eaten by Tyranids, have fun.


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    You can shave some points by dropping the unit champs from any unit that does not have a character attached to it, as the only thing good for, other than the invaluable roll of challenging in the stead of a Sorcerer, is cost way too much for just one additional attack. As for your sorcerer, unless you are really attached to the Lore of Nurgle, I would drop the mark and take some gear, preferably a talisman or some armor to help keep him alive. If you do drop the mark, I would suggest the Lore of Death, and maybe the spell familiar if you can find the points. I feel that it is a highly underrated lore than can be fantastic. Just try to think of it as being akin to the Lore of Shadows rather than the sniping lore. The Sniping spells are just a bonus to a couple otherwise fantastic de-buffs and one of the most powerful offensive spells in the game, the Purple Bowling Bowling Ball...

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    Undying Baddie Immortal Scrub's Avatar
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    So this may get long winded but it's all in the name of helping a fellow WoC player, so bear with me here

    1) Technically this is posted in the wrong place. There is a sub forum to the WoC section for army lists. It's not a big deal, I'm sure a mod will move it sooner or later

    2) Jared and Papa both make good points. Light armor without shields on marauders is usually a no go. It's most efficient to run them naked or with LA/Shield combo. IMO it's best to either run them with MoK with Great Weapons/No armor or MoT and with LA/Shields. I say great weapons because I prefer retaining a constant +1 S over keeping my I4, but tha'ts a matter of preference. Either way these Marauders end up being a tar pit, its just a question of whether or not you want them to kill stuff for a round or 2 or hold up a unit pretty much all game. Papa's point about unit champs is also spot on. Unless you want to save a caster from eating a challenge for 1 turn, the cost in upgrade isn't worth the extra points, it's better to just add another body to that unit.

    3) (My own 2 cents...hehe) I'm lukewarm on chariots as mounts for characters, but if you like 'em then hey, more power to you. If he's sticking with the knights so that you can push one flank very hard, he'll probably be fine. I generally save the charmed shield for my casters since they don't have the option to take a regular one. Power Familiars are good times. I've frequently found that the one extra power dice usually makes my opponents more flustered when it comes to dispells as they are more indecisive on what to dispell (Is he gonna cast something big when I'm low on dice?), and any advantage you can have on them is a good one. Last big thing I see is remember that having Khorne (and therefore frenzy) on a unit means that you MUST charge unless you pass a leadership test, and since you don't have a BSB in your army a failed test means that you may end up charging what you don't want. A good opponent will know this and set up units in such a way that you get baited into charging and then he flanks you with a strong unit. A simple solution to this is put a unit of 5 warhounds in front of anything Khorne so that you can't charge, and then move them out of the way the turn before you want to charge (you can also use them as bait, angle them so they run out of the way of your units, declare a flee when you get charged,and sit back and laugh as his unit chases after the dogs right into charge distance of your own units).

    .../CatchesBreath... So there you have it, just a couple of tips/pointers/a little bit of rambling from yours truly. If there's anything that you disagree with by all means do things the way you want and throw my advice to the winds of magic, I'm just here trying to make the world a much happier and chaos filled place ^^
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