so this past weekend I had a megabattle for my 29th birthday. 6 other players (I counted myself as 2 to make teams even) divided into 2 teams based on racial balance (IE keeping a balance between army styles) and 2500pts per army + the 25% for SoM stuff.

The teams were as follows:

WoCx2 (myself)



We used 3 4x6 tables and used 2.5 of them, leaving 1/2 a table for corpses ect. I don't rememb er the # of terain pieces placed but we used most of what we had. One river was a little too big so we ruled that it was a dried river that you could march through. other, reasonably sized rivers were treated as normal.
I think we had around 7 or 8 fulcrums.

The Stuff:

I won't go over this in very much detail, only the really important stuff

Throgg+6x trolls
5 dragon ogres
14 knights + Wind Prism
2x 20ish warriors of tzeech
1 horde of GW Khorne marauders
Giant Spawn
10x harpies w/poison attacks
My Team:
3 doomwheels
2x 50+ units of slaves with an engineer using the black book of imb.
dwarves had a few artillery pieces but mostly fat infantry.

they had:

2 slanns (life and light)
a lot of artillery (3ish cannons and 2ish mortars and stonethrowers, no stank)
many chimara and manticores
15ish empire knights
10 chaos knights
marader horse with chaos lord

the spesifics were not the important part, the overall feel was. Our side was monster saturation backed up by some artillery for taking care of the nasty monsters. For spells we had Tzeech, nurgal, and slaneesh along with the loremaster of shadow/death from the book of IMB and generic skaven magic.

because of the extra people we thought the normal SoM rules wouldn't work so well when you take 4d6 and divide it out to 4 people. we made it so that it follows normal rolls, but you add +2 PD/1DD per player used by their army only (the PD only, DD in the pool). This, combined with the dwarves, resulted in most magic phases being a 24PD/22DD. In hind sight, this should be done differently/better.
We also ruled it that each army should be self-contained (bsb, general, magic items) but you can use your allies BSB and generals. This was done so that you would not have to keep your force together to gain those bonuses, and discourages facing off in 4 mini 1v1's insted of one giant army against the other. This acomplished its goal and was not found to be overpowering as you still found yourself outside of the ranges quite often.

The playing of the game itself took forever. almost 2 hours to deploy, and around an hour per player turn. we started around 9:30 with deployment (tables were setup already with terrain). we had a hard deadline of 4pm, and when that hit i think we just finished up the top of 4th turn (if that!)

The feel of the phases:
Deployment: this was actually one of the harder phases, as you had to think ahead not only for yourself but for the other 3 people on your side. We found that having small 2-4 unit combo's deploy together was a good way to stay organized: it doesn't matter where stuff goes as long as it sticks with these 2 things. One such example is having dragon ogres escort the doom wheels down the board: the Drogers prevent the wheels from firing off on something of yours, and the drogre's get the frenzy when the lighting hits them. you also have to be careful to keep some things AWAY from others, as Kholek got too close one doom wheel and ate all the lighthing shots it was firing while in combat, causing it to lose combat and explode.
Movement: a true test of your skill, pacing up and down a 15ft table looking for the charges you want to make. this would take a long time aswell, and had to be done in set phases (now starting charge declarations, charge declarations over moving onto moving chargers). with so many things on the table it is easy to foget stuff or do something out of sequence. This unfortunately can really mess things up so if you forget something, it's forgotten! Once you get through to the "remaining moves" part things are a little easier.
I feel that this was the most disappointing phase of the game overall. In first magic phase the skaven with the Book did more damage to our own side with the effects of his miscasts than he did against the other team, and was eventually consumed by the book on the very first magic phase. Make sure to give that thing a ward save! However, the opposite was true for the other team, who got pretty much no spells off the entire game but didn't explode any of their own troops.
Make sure to pay attention to the balance of power during the phases, often times it would change our options for what we wanted/could cast midway through the phase. Slaneesh is ROCK SOLID for the cataclysm spells, with a presence spell that goes off on a 5+!!! that spell was used on a slaneeshi giant, taking him out of the game until kholek blasted him with lighting and 1shoting him. that giant was the only thing on the table that could handle Kholek or the War mammoth so rendering him useless for a 5+ spell is just too good.
Burn your scrolls ect whenever you can, as many of the base spells will get IF (sheer # of dice), and the cataclysm spells cannot be scrolled or anything
Shooting: this actually ended up being a really important phase of the game, as it was the Monster killing phase. Cannons and bolt throwers are so nessisary for sniping out big monsters. I did have my cygor throw a stone at a chimara and score a direct hit, killing it outright. BS based shooting was not present in our list, and did nothing to us when facing against it. War machines are the way to go!
Combat: combat gets real nasty real fast with some of the new items availible, and with some of the monsters. The mammoth took on a sphinx, a chariot, and a unit of Greatswords with general and BSB. turn 1 it did 5d6 s10 hits to the Gswords, and thunderstomped the sphinx to death, causing the chariot to break and leave the GS unit alone with the beast. Galrauch flew up to a slann and blasted him with his breath of change (best thing for killing wizards on fulcrums IMO) It was just a shit show.very little of the regular stuff seemed to matter, it was all about the special monsters and items.
The wind prism was ALOT of fun, but made my unit of knights terrible when they got the lore of metal. they also rolled up with the lore of light and did 17 wounds, so extremes on either side.
3rd eye wasn't used until the very end, when i stole lore of light to net a cannon and make the harpies ASF while in combat with a manticore (because of ASF and poison they killed the thing strait up). I did this ONLY because Lore of light was ascended.

Overall the battle was epic and i dont' think iv'e ever had so much fun as i did with this game. by the time the deadline hit our opponents weren't looking too good, but could have pulled it back. We had a serious advantage in how we had prepared for the game, talking about combinations between the armies, rather than each army doing something within themselves. We also brought bigger and nastier specialist things, rather than well-rounded units. For example, each slann was somewhat lackluster as they only had 1 upgrade to keep the costs legal, where I'm sure a single slann with many bonuses would have served them so much better.
the game itself changes dramatically as it is played so one thing can happen that totally shifts the balance of power. Everyone else had a blast and we are booking up one for the next birthday party (in nov)

Sorry that this isn't in a traditional battle report format, but i think that might have been impossible for this scale of game.

Best moment: Dragon ogre Champion accepting skulltaker's challenge and slaying him in combat, rolling +1 T on the EotG
Worst Moment: Getting the call late that night asking if i accidentally grabbed a box of someone's stuff. Ends up that they were left on the trunk (not IN the trunk) and drove onto the highway. Apparently they were calling in hope beyond hope that perhaps that wasn't the case. The borrowed spiders were later found by flashlight, road-rashed but accounted for.

a few notes of worth:

Bring the widest selection of spells you can. even a level 1 knows the cataclysm spells. The more variety you have, the more things you can do in your phase.
Magic level is almost irreverent. with the wild magic and up to +4 to cast in addition to your levels, it isn't as big of a deal as it normally would be. 3 level 1 > 1 level 3 any day.
bring more mages than fulcrums, they will only last up there so long until things start to blow up. spells/items that will let you move these guys around the battlefield are so worth it (steed of shadows for once)
Battle magic cards are so So SO important, do not even attempt something like this without. with the # of casters, spells, and cataclysm spells you can have the options are endless. With the cards, you can lay them all out and gaze over them as a team, prioritize, and remove ones you don't want to cast. If you don't, it's a flip-fest thru the book. Both sides did this, and magic was definitely the longest phase of the game.
Try to keep things going quickly by thinking about what you are doing as little as possible. the consideration of so many different and varied factors from such alliances takes a considerable amount of time, and for the sake of keeping things going it can be alot more fun to just giver than look for an advantage. If we had done this, we may have made it to turn 6 =P
I reccomend that one person take charge and see that the whole thing goes down. This person should ask for input and make the decisions. there are alot of things that should be adressed before the game starts, both with logistics (how teams work, who hosts, transports, food times, smoking/other breaks) and rules (banned items/characters, variences/house rules, dispute resolution). This role naturally fell on me as it was my birthday. Next one is the host's birthday. A committe decision process can take alot of time and effort, and compromises must be made for something of this scale.
Remember SoM isn't about winning, it's about making crazy crap happen. Win or lose, it's all about how much stuff explodes.