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    Question about scenario in recent battle

    This may be a little lengthy to explain it but it's more or less a rules question I could not find the answer to..

    My Unit:
    35 Marauders w/ FC, MoK, GWs
    Wulfirik (sp?) to allow advance from any table edge

    Enemy Units:
    Warboss on Boar
    50 Goblin Spearmen


    I used Wulfiriks ability to pop up on the flank of the Goblins and actually caught the Giant as well (they were lined up one behind the other perfectly). After 3 rounds of combat, the Goblins broke from failed Panic test, Orc boss was down to 1 wound, Giant was down to 3 wounds. Wulfirik challeneged Warboss while what was left of my marauders were fighting the giant and Goblin hordes.


    Combat Resolution from this fight made the Goblins flee from Panic.
    Giant "Jumped up and Down" and devasted the Marauders with a double 6.
    Wulfirik challenged Warboss.
    Combat resolution vs Goblins not determined due to lost Panic test, but Marauders fighting the Giant lost combat resolution.

    We played it out as my whole unit flees even though there were 3 units attacking my 1 and I won all but the one vs the Giant. They Broke and ran a whopping 3 inches and were over-run by the warboss.

    My questions..

    Was the final Break test for the Marauders figured out correctly?
    Should Wulfirik have fled with the Marauders and not stayed solo vs the Warboss because he was in a challenge the same round the Marauders broke?
    Does my combat resolution vs the Goblins (would have been just straight kills in this round) help to alter the overall combat resolution my unit had vs the Giant (I mean seriously.. I killed 18 goblins in 1 round, he killed 12 marauder with the Giant, but because the combat between the Giant and my marauders was a bust the whole unit flees even though they demolished a different unit in the same round of CC?)?

    So yeah. This was a first for me (and it was AWESOME to see the Marauders go to town on half his army). I have a feeling this will happen again in the future so I want to know the right way to go about this for next time (was very mad to see Wulfirik with no wouinds get overran cuz the Marauders fled).

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    If you are in combat Vs multiple units the combat is counted as one combat, not separate ones Vs each target.

    So, if your Unit of Marauders + Wulfrik were up against a Giant + Orc Boss + 50 Goblins it's all counted as ONE combat. Kills done by multiple units will count to the end result.

    For example.

    Your side........
    Marauders kill 18 goblins and Wulfrik does 2 wounds to Orc Warboss. Giving you a total of 20 wounds.

    Orc side.......
    Goblins kill 3 Marauders, giant kills 10 Marauders and Warboss does a wound to Wulfrik. A total of 14 wounds.

    I'll ignore ranks/Banners,/Charging/Flanks etc. This gives you a combat resolution score of 20 Vs his 14. He looses combat by 6 and ALL his units need to take a Break test with -6 to their leadership unless they are stubborn/Steadfast.

    PS: Don;t get confused between 'panic' and 'break tests'. They are completely different
    Last edited by Lord Borak; October 27th, 2011 at 12:00.

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    Yeah +1 to Borak, one single combat which, by the sounds of it, you should have won not lost!

    You just compare the wounds and modifiers for banners and charges etc. I'd imagine that you both had a banner (which cancel each other out) but you were in the goblins' flank and cancelled their ranks, so you have a rank bonus and they don't. You pretty much crucified them in the fight. Also it doesn't matter that Wulfrik is in a challenge. If a character's unit breaks, so does s/he, irrespective of challenges.

    It's worth remembering that multiple foes = one combat. An excellent way to get chosen killed is to have marauders join them in a fight. The opponent ignores the chosen and butchers the softer target to rack up loads of wounds so your chosen have to break.

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