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    Character Build combinations

    I've got a question on how you combine your characters. As I've played Bret's I kind of got used to my BSB having only a 3+AS and 5+ WsV (2+Wsv vs flaming). So I made the following builds for my characters:

    1 Sorcerrer Lord Lore of Heavens
    Level 4 wizard
    Talisman of Persevation
    Iron Curse Icon
    Infernal Puppet
    Charmed Shield
    1 Exalted Hero Lore of Shadow
    Mark of Tzeetch
    Barded Chaos Steed
    Battle Standard Bearer
    Book of Secrets
    Talisman of Protection
    Dragon Helm

    This build give's me somewhat the same punsh as I had with 4 bret characters. But is this viable for warriors. I point of argument I find myself battling with is that the BSB is way more expensive than a human BSB hence should recieve a better save.µ
    My excuse for Heavens is that its a good lore for army's that have trouble with shooting army's, I've used shadow before on my level 4 but always found myself only awed by the sig spell. Now with the combo of the two sigs of both lore's you've got most army's hitting you on 6's (long live WS5).
    Can you give me yiur two cents.

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    They both look pretty good to me.

    It's true that Heavens is good, but I'd take a serious second look at Death which seems almost tailored to our army needs.

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    Third Eye of Tzeentch could be a good addition to any of those two characters. Last time I played at a tournament though, I had a similar Lvl 4 SorcLord like the one you had there with the Third Eye - but I never really needed it, I always had at least one Heavens spell I wanted to cast - I always managed to get the comet when I rolled for spells those 5 games. So maybe put it on the BSB. Also, instead of Talisman of Protection+Dragon helm, rather give him an Arcane item like Dispel Scroll, Power Familiar or Spell Familiar.
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