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    Who do you toss Wulfrik in with?

    The majority of the friends I play like to sit back away from my baddies as long as possible and shoot the heck outta my army while I march across. Therefore I have become very accustomed to making Wulfrik a part of my list just so I can get a good flanking position on them at any point.

    I normally toss him in with a block of 36 marauders with GW, MoK, F.C. and try to cause as much trouble on his end of the table so my army is safe to march across (for the most part). Recently I have thought about tossing him with some tzeentch/shield warriors but feel that the rest of my army would be too squishy and not get there in time before Wulfrik and his comrades eventually die.

    So I was wondering what unit you assign to Wulfrik so that you can do some damage while the rest of your army isn't too "soft" making their way across.

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    I have only used him once, it was against HE and he absolutely slaughtered the flank with his group of 40 gw marauders. I didn't give them MoK, because I wanted to fit in a second group of 40 marauders in my list.

    Wulfrik completely decimates characters in challenges, especially that pansy ass Teclis and once he was gone, aside from my opponents swordsmen and his eagle posing a bit of a challenge his army fell shortly after.

    I'm not sure what other unit you could run him with to be honest, one of his strongest points is that he can deploy behind enemy lines, it is what interested me in the character in the first place.

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    I toss him in with 24-29 Marauders with MoS or MoK. Most of the units you're throwing them behind are able to move-and-fire, so seeing my guys run on and then eat a ton of warmachine or bowmen shots and panic right back off is a bit irritating - hence the Immune to Panic marks.
    The Marauders themselves get Flails. Usually, I send Wulfy off on his own (charge him out first) then send the unit into something else. Wulfrik is awesome at getting into a challenge and killing the target, while remaining immune to the attacks back. Normally I'm sending him after the general, who is in a pretty tough bunkered unit, one that the Marauders wouldn't help much against anyways. If Wulfy dies, I can usually rest assured that he's just earned more than his fair share of points, while the Marauders are off slaughtering warmachines and other easy targets.
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