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    Will be starting Warhammer next monday

    Hello all, I used to play warhammer years ago but quit sadly after a short time of starting due to friends quitting, me and my mates are starting up again and I have decided on Warriors of Chaos, I like the idea of a close quarter smashing your face in play style. However I am a really big noob in the game and have not tried chaos before. I am looking to purchase a army in size of 1500 points, and would really appreciate it if people could list the best items to buy from gw to get the best army I can for 1500 points. Secondly I would love just a run down on woc, good points, bad points, that sort of stuff.

    Thank you.

    ( im in england so would apreciate all links and prices to be in English currency £.

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    just start with the army box. Most of the time your entire army will just be a balance between marauders and warriors. The other units in the box (knights, dogs and/or horsemen) are also used regularly. Specialty units, such as trolls, dragon ogres, warshrines, chariots are used frequently but not nessisarily regularly. The only other must-have I think, would be the Hell cannon.

    Avoid the giant, Shaggoth, and Forsaken. While they can be fun, for a begininer and someone on a budget these are bad investments as they deserve little table-time due to their debatable strengths and obvious weaknesses.

    Now, as far as how to kit out your warrios and marauders (there are so many options), generally halberds for warriors and Great Weapons or Flails on marauders are the most accepted/statistically better. Halberds on warriors is a no brainer, tho the marauders is a matter of personal choice and preference. (I pref GW myself).

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    Try checking out THIS (Warriors Quickstart Guide) thread. There is a lot of "theory" and personal preference behind the Warriors army (this is good, it means that our book is balanced and flexible) so I tried to summarize the most common points that we veterans can agree on. At the bottom of the post is a sample armylist, netting you 2250pts for less than 275USD. I'm not entirely sure how that compares to the UK prices but I imagine that it's a smaller number in Pounds, since our economy is slipping quite a bit against yours.

    The army list provided is based off of 2 Battalion Boxes, so TalismanicTat was certainly right in steering you in that direction. From there I'd say your next buy should definitely be a Sorcerer of sorts, and convert or kitbash a BSB (there's a method for that in the thread linked) from extra bits, then buy yourself another box of Marauders. Should be good from there to start right from there to be quite honest.
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