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    Returning to Warriors

    Use to play back when Hordes of Chaos was the title of the codex. Now recently picked up some newer models. I've played a few games against WoC using 8 ed rules but thats about it. I stuck mith my daemons when the codex split into the warriors and daemons codexes

    I have a decent sized army (for a starter) and was wondering what else could this army use? What does it NEED?

    I have 48 warriors (half with 2 weapons/half with hand weapons and shields)
    70 marauders (40 with hand weapon and shield/30 with flails)
    10 Knights
    1 Giant
    4 Ogres
    5 Marauder horsemen
    10 Hounds
    Too many characters.

    Chosen just seems like they're too expensive. So should they ever be fielded? If so, how?

    Also posting a list in the WoC Army Lists

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    First I'd start by reading CaptainSarathai's warriors guide (Warriors Quickstart Guide) , it covers a lot of what you need to know about Warriors of Chaos in 8th edition.

    At a glance, your army seems to lack:




    All three of these can make the games a lot more fun and they are all perform, when played right.

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    The only thing I would add is that the gear on your models is wrong =P

    Halberds for warriors, Great weapons for marauders. Sure you can use the other stuff but statistically speaking halberds and GW are superior.

    Chosen are expensive and only really worth it if you make them MORE expensive =P
    That is, you gear them with the banner that causes terror and give the unit champion favor of the gods. This promises a good result on the eye of the gods table for your first roll at the start of the game, and gives the best chance for the BEST result. having a warshrine to back it up can make them really, really nasty. However it's a HUGE point sink and still vulnerable to spells that dissallow saves, so it isn't a no-brainer choice.

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