Ok I have a lot of models that I would like to use in my army but never know what are the best combinations.

I was thinking that if I posted the models that I have, people in this forum could help me out by telling me the best units to field and best upgrades for those units.

Remember this is a 1500 point slaanesh army...Thanks in advance!

Ok the models I have are.

hero on daemonic mount with hand weapon and shield

unmounted heroes with 2 hand weapons

unmounted heroe with great weapon

unmounted sorcerer

sorcerer in a chariot

daemon (usually exalted)

24xchaos warriors with 2 hand weapons

12x chaos warriors with great weapons/halberds

12xchaos warriors with hand weapon and shields

5xchaos knights


chaos giant

6xmounted daemonettes

20x flayerkin

thats all the stuff that can legally be in a 1500 point army because I can't put hellcannons and keeper of secrets.

Umm so thanks in advance for your help.