Turned out to be less MSU than I imagined, but this will work well I suppose. I had to include the warriors and knights I already have left over, to spare my student budget. I still have to buy all of the beasts, not inc the hounds. I've changed the list somewhat since first posting it!

Ex. Champ, MoK armour of damnation, gw, shield 171

BSB, MoK, sword of might, gaze of the gods 190

15 Warriors, MoK, shields, fc, war banner 310

14 Warriors, MoK, halberds, mus, champ 272

3x5 Hounds 90

5 Marauder Horsemen, flails, musician 81

5 Chosen Knights, MoK, banner of rage, banner bearer, musician 350

5 Flesh Hounds 80

3 Dragon Ogres, gw, light armour, 237

Beast Herd, 6/8, 2 hand weapons, champ, mus 99

2xChaos Spawn 120

Total 1999 pts, DD 7, 12 units not incl characters.

If you have thought of anything sensible, plz post your thoughts.