How do you guys think the tactics and army composition of Chaos would change if you were playing under the Warbands rules? (

Oh, and this stuff is all available for free on their site, so I don't think it breaks copyright.. I'll post it for anyone who can't read PDF file.


- army needs at least 2 core units
- army cant include more than 10 units
- army can have 1 rare, 1 special.. if didnt take a rare, can take another special instead
- army has to have a commander (either a hero level worth no more than 75 pts, or a unit champion.. if unit champion is commander, he has to remain with his unit.. cant ever use lords)
- army can include 0-2 heroes, but their combined stuff cant exceed 150
- army can include one flying unit or creature
- army can include 0-1 war machine or chariot

max unit size reduced
-3 models for 20x20mm and 20x25mm
-2 models for 25x50mm
-1 models for 40x40mm and 50x50mm