Slaanesh Vs. Bretonnia - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Considering I can't make a Tzeentch army any good in 500 points, I decided to give Slaanesh a try.

    My friend will be fielding about 16 knights and a paladin or sorcoress.

    500 pt warband of Slaanesh


    Chaos Sorceror
    -barded chaos steed
    Total:121 pts.


    8x Chaos Warriors
    -battle standard
    Total: 170 pts.

    3x Chosen Chaos Knights
    -standard bearer
    Total: 205 pts.

    Total: 496 points

    This army looks better than my previous one in my opinion. I wasn't sure if I should use a sorceror or an aspiring champion.

    Any suggestions for the battle are greatly appreciated!

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    The sorceror MUST have at least L2 magic if you're planning to get any use out of him. With L1, he's casting with a maximum of two PD. Your opponent gets two PD. You have slightly under 50% chance not to get dispelled, and first, you have to sucessfully cast the spell against its to cast. The easiest spell to cast is blissful throes (6+), which you will cast approximately half of the time, assuming average rolls.

    25% chance to actually cast a spell is a waste of a 120 point model which has the same statline as a 33 point Chaos Knight (albeit plus one wound).

    I would recommend an exalted champion, and recommend bulking up the knight unit with one or two more guys. You're paying alot for +1CR rank bonus in the warriors unit, either add two more guys and rank 'em up in rows of 5, or drop three guys and use the cost to put in knights or gear up your champion. Actually, my warbands list looks similar to this, but I don't put any points into heroes (too expensive for me at this level). It's worked really well for me.

    x5 Chaos Knights (Champion, SB, Slaanesh, R. Standard)
    x5 Marauder Horsemen (Throwing Axes, Shields, Full Command)
    x3 Chaos Furies
    495 Points

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