Hey all. I've been thinking of starting a Tzeentch Daemonic Legion. I have both the Chaos and SOC books. Heres a list I've worked out. Any coments or feedback would rock, especially if you have used a Tzeentch or Daemonic Legion army before. Thanks a ton.

Daemon Prince: 535pts
Blade of Ether, Master of Sorcery, Diabolic Splendor, Mark of Tzeentch

Daemonic Herald: 290pts.
Mark of Tze, Greater Icon of Chaos, Diabolic Splendor, Banner of Wrath

Daemonic Herald: 210pts.
Mark of Tze, Master of Sorcery

15 Horrors: 288pts
Champion (lvl 1 mage), Standard

15 Horrors: 288pts
Champion (lvl 1 mage), Standard

15 Horrors: 259pts
Champion (lvl 1 mage)

4 Screamers: 132 pts.

I'd put the Prince with the Screamers to Fly around, cast spells, and attack any vulnerable enemies. The two heralds would accompany the two units of 15 horrors with standards, with the final horror unit standing away from the others to either stay out of combat or set up a flanking countercharge. Move the units foreward or camp, depending on the opposing army. There should be 11 power dice and 4 bound spells per turn, plus some kick from the prince/screamer units. The horror units would be ranked up with four models per rank. The average army will have a mage with 2 dispell scrolls, so thats 3 dispell dice plus the two scrolls. After the scrolls, about 5-7 spells per turn should go through.