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    Should alaanesh be magic oriented?

    I'm working on a slaaneshi chaos army, and am kind of curious as to which direction to go in. Slaaneshi magic does seem useful, especially Luxurious Torment.

    However I don't know if I should try to put enough magic in to actually get spells off in my turn, or just enough to dispell a few spells a turn?

    It's tempting to have a powerful CC lord, but is a Sorcerer a must? (also, would it be possible to give a sorcerer the chaos daemon sword, effectively making him a sorcerer combat lord of doom?).

    So, here are teh questions in a more readable format: (I'm fairly new to fantasy, so if these questions are retarded just let me know)

    -Lord or Sorcerer for a slaanesh army?

    -Does the first question depend on army composition more than which power I've chosen?

    -Assuming a Lord is taken, should he be a character-killer, or a R+F killer? It seems most chaos units are good infantry eaters, so should he focus on killing characters? (hellfire blade?)

    -If going for the magic route, how many assistant sorcerers would be useful. Should they also be dedicated to Slaanesh, or are the other lores better?

    -Being immune to psychology, should I be as worried about enemy spells as more armies? Can I afford to skimp on the dispell scrolls?

    -Are PleasureSeekers legal is a regular chaos army? I've heard they are pretty good.

    -Overall does Slaanesh rely on magic?

    Much thanks for all input!

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    I think that of all chaos armies slaanesh is the strangest on to use. They have powerful close combat units in the form of the Daemonettes and powerful fast attck units in the form of mounted daemonettes and pleasureseekers.

    The magic that they use seems to be geared more towards hindering the enemies advance and psychology, and to be honest i would not rely on this magic to much as it is aimed towards giving you're core troops time enought to get to and then eviscerate you're opponents in close combat.

    In essence Tzeentch and nurgle magic is much more offensive than slaanesh.

    I would say that you're first question depends on how you can composed you're army.

    If you do take a Slaanesh lord i would try to gear him up for character killing, most of you're other units are going to be R+F killers anyways, thats part of the reason why the mark of slaanesh is "immune to psychology", and if i remember properly some units will incur a -1 to be hit in CC, but that might just be the daemon units.

    I would always worry about the opponents magical capability, complacancy leads to underestimating you're opponent and that is something that you cannot afford to do.

    I dont think that Slaanesh are the sort of army that relies heavily on magic, atleast not to directly attack you're opponent, But it can seriously slow down his advance and probably destroy some of his battle plans if you can get to grips with some of his unts quickly enough.

    The Pleasure Seekers can only be taken in a Daemonic Legion army, i suggest that you buy the "Storm of Chaos" book if not for the source material alone then for the detailed army lists inside its pages.

    The Daemonic Legions army allow you to field 1 Unit of Non-True, Special and rare unit per unit of True Daemons in you're army so for example:

    1 unit of Daemonettes will allow you to field 1 unit of Mounted Daemonettes, 1 unit of Pleasure Seekers and 1 Slaanesh Chariot, although converting these models is a pain in the arse, a Daemonic Legion is an awesom sight.

    hope this helped.

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    Slaanesh does not rely on magic, but a strong slaanesh magic phase can be sick.

    The slaanesh deck is regarded as one of the top lores in the game - you have flexible spells that can either work for you or against your enemy (torment and excruciations) or plain cripple your opponent's strategy (delusions and spasms) backed up by modest damage spells.

    6 levels is good enough for a strong magic phase, anything else is going to see your opponents crying foul .

    A chaos army does not need a lord of chaos - exalted champions are on a par with most other army's lord choices. That means that an exalted sorcerer can be a valid choice, backed up by a level 2 with a couple of fighty characters (if you don't mind spending a lot on characters).

    A slaanesh army that synchronises its magic phase with its combat element is one of the most devasting armies out there.

    Having an army and not owning a rulebook is like owning a car with no steering wheel.

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    <3 rork. He does all the arguing so I don't have to.

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