To help players, I have compiled this list of important Hordes of Chaos links that any chaotic general, new or old, should consider checking out:

Getting Started - Thinking of starting a Hordes of Chaos army? Learn about them here!

Path to Glory - This is a list of rules to create and play with your own Chaos Warband.

Mounted Daemonettes - This is a link to complete rules on including Mounted Daemonettes in your Chaos army.

Special Characters - This is a link detailing seven Hordes of Chaos special characters, including Crom, Arbaal, Azazel, Aekold Helbrass, Egrimm van Horstmann, Dechala, and Scyla Anfinngrim.

Reference Sheet - This is a link to the Hordes of Chaos reference sheet which includes commonly used stats from the Hordes of Chaos army book.

Hordes of Chaos Errata - This is a link to the downloadable pdf of corrections for the Hordes of Chaos army book.