I've been working on finalizing my army list, and I'm running into a few challanges. I know I want to have a Slaaneshi mortals army, with a decently sized magic phase. To achieve this, I plan to have an Exalted Sorcerer, and 1 lvl 2 sorcerer. With magic items and whatnot, I find myself with 9 power dice.

Two issues I face are:
-I'd like at least 1 more PD
-I'd like to combine the Helm of Many Eyes, and a great weapon on an exalted, or aspiring champ. However being dedicated to Slaanesh, they much more easily fall to stupidity than would an undivided character.

My solution was the following: Have an Exalted champion with the mark of undivided be the general, so he can successfully take the helm without too much strain on his IQ level. This would also allow me to take a single unit, (probably a chariot or something), dedicated to Tzeentch. Thus I solve both issues. However, would something like this be considered a tidbit cheesy? I hear people complaining left and right about tzeentch chariots, but I figure a single one can't be too bad.

My next issue arises when I consider the downsides of taking the undivided champ. Where does he go? I can't plop him in with any of my warrior or knight units as they will all be devoted to Slaanesh. I can put him with marauders, but it doesn't have quite the same effect, (although this would help keep the generals' leadership near units who are not immune to psych). He's also on foot, making him a little more vulnerable where armor saves are concerned. I considered puttin' him with some marauder horsies, but he doesn't have the option of taking a non-barded horse.

So...*heavy tillerman accent* whut am I to dew?

All suggestions are much appriciated, thanks