My horde has taken to its feet and run from the field once again. Although this was several months ago just before I had a very massive blood bowl fad. I am almost ready to give WHFB another good run and need to make some purchases to stop my Chaos armies loosing streak.

The problem I have after reading this forum is that I am starting to wonder if I am selecting the right type of force. It seems most Chaos armies have an fair element of marks within them and maybe they really were intended to be used that way.

I am running a very undivided force with no marks in it whatsoever. I generally limit magic, mainly because of the low points games we play. The idea when I started this army was to give undivided with no marks a good crack because I prefer an army that looks less mish-mashie. Although I am now leaning towards adding some flavour, especially if it will increase my combat effectiveness.

I would like to collect a small contingent from one mark and I can definitely say that I do not want Khorne (although I love the paint scheme, my main opponent will enevitably learn to abuse khorne).

Empire is my main opponent, but this player is almost ready to unleash a very large Khemri army upon the world and Ogre Kingdoms are on the way soon.

With this is mind I am tempted towards all the opportunities the other marks offer.

Slaanesh provide an excellent spell lore with access to a squad or two who wont really care about the Khemri fear. The Daemons will be good with loads of high attacks and maneuverability against his Empire and Khemri who tend to have lower armour.

Tzeentch looks plain fun, 3 types of Daemons gives variety and all seem to perform well in battle. I am not necessarily magic heavy, but I guess it is never a plan I wiped out and the extra power dice will also affect my undivided mage.

The next pick is nurgle, this is the only mark I know very little about. In fact the mark I like the least, that is, until I recently looked at some Plaguebearers and thought about them with my army...

At this point I am very undecided between the three and would appreciate if anyone can give me some other comments that may help me come to a decision.

If only this hobby was cheaper, then I could just get the lot!