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    Gaint or Chaos Trolls

    Ok, the problem im facing is to take a giant or 4 chaos trolls, there about the same amount of points, the trolls are pretty stupid and need the general to be within 12 inches but the giant can wonder around.
    I just dont know. They play different roles in the army, but still i am wondering what you guys think. If it helps im playing tzeench magic heavy (15 power dice) so modle count is pretty low. This is why im thinking of the giant since it can hold any rank and file unit till the game ends. anyway thats my ramble.

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    Well I don't like Giants or Trolls, but if it's a choice between the two I'd probably go for the Giant. But only on the condition that the enemy don't have much firepower. If they do, the Trolls would probably be better (since unlike the giant, they aren't large target and they regenerate).

    The only reason that Trolls are crap, is their Leadership and stupidity combination. If the General isn't there to lead them for whatever reason, you can pretty much guarantee that they'll spend the rest of the game shuffling around the battlefield and drooling.

    Here's a link (Ogres or Trolls?) to another thread about which 'big guys' are best.
    "Peace, through superior firepower."

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