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    chaos vs snikch story

    lol i have a great story about snikch
    i had to tell this here because the topic i was replying to was already 222 days old±P

    one time i was battling against skaven (long time ago)
    and we were playing 2000 pts and he had snikch
    we were playing till one army was completely destroyed or had run away
    i was certainly losing the game cuz i only had a marauder champ 3 screamers of tzeentch and a few warriors left no chars and he had snikch running around on his own and a unit clanrats (16 or so) and some main unit i don't know what they were

    but anyway my warriors were in combat with the clanrats which survived the round of combat and next turn his main unit would charge my warriors
    my screamers were running losing bothering snikch withouth success
    it was my turn
    movement phase
    damn what do i have to do i thought
    then some crazy idea crossed my mind and i charged snikch with my marauder champion (which also killed a team of 5 jazzils or what are they called? earlier in the game by charging them killing 2 of them and winning combat and overrunning them, LOL)
    first i did my 2 attacks. i had a flail so i should do some damage...
    damn missed
    no he did his attacks
    a few hits
    no wounds!!!
    combat result 0 vs 0

    my warriors slayed another few clanrats.
    won their combat and made them flee (OH YEAH!!!)
    i was playing khorne so i had to follow
    just a few inches too short
    my rear exposed to the skavens main unit

    skaven's turn
    CHARGE!!! his main unit which had hatred by some reason collapsed into the rear of my warriors. screamers where out of sight his unit clanrats which where now below 25% runned off the board
    combat phase...
    oh man...
    first charged i proposed. my opponent agreed and did his attacks
    2 cassaulties...
    i hit him back and killed 3 of them... chosen frenzy damn it was nice to have then...
    but not enough to win combat
    i lost with 4 or 5 or so
    anyway i threw the dices just like it was nothing i though i lost...
    and i did i run away but just far enough for them to escape the pursuiting skaven

    next combat snikch against my one brave marauder champion
    snikch threw his attacks at me and against scored no wound
    now it was my turn 1 hit 1 wound no save I WON COMBAT!!! woohoo!!
    now it was time for him to throw 9 or higher
    and he did!
    he run away 3 dices and + 1 to flee
    damn i though no way that'll catch him
    but snikch was so tired by the epic battle between him and my one brave marauder champ that he rolled 1 1 4
    hehe 7 inches far
    i overrunned that bastard

    however i lost my warriors and still defeated the skaven by using the slashing attack of my screamers time after time after time many many turns later i defeated him
    man that guy was pissed

    i still have my marauder but his sword broke...


    so what do we learn of this?

    always get that marauder champ LOL

    oh.. oh... and be carefull when you store you models too!!!

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    I had a similar experience once, involving me vainly trying to catch a shaman (unlimited turns game too). He had a unit of like 4 orcs and the shaman, I had 10 orcs and a black orc big boss. He took down everything but the standard bearer with magic before his shaman miscast and started wandering around. I hit his boyz in the side with the SB, killed one, won combat 2-1, they broke, I chased, caught, and killed. Then He hunted down the shaman, who regained his bearings just in time to be brought down by the lone orc boy.

    And I think this should have been in the battle reports forums, but if it had been, I wouldn't have seen it.

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