pffffff help!!!
what should i do???
i'm a full knight chaos player and i'm wondering what i should add to my list...

in a few days i'll have a 1500 battle against the lizzie's and i'm feeling i don't use my army correctly

this is the list i'm gonna use

3 aspiring champ on barded steeds with shields heavy weapons and the mark of tzeentch
3 units of 5 knights of chaos with mark of tzeentch and a champ
2 units of 10 horrors of tzeentch
2 units of 5 warhounds of chaos

i was thinking about kicking a unit of knights and a unit of horrors for dragon ogres or centigors of chaos trolls or maybe minotaurs but i don't know what to choose

also after that battle iĀ“ll have to deal with empire in a 2000pts battle

i was going to use a lord on disc with eyeOT and the staffOT and 3 aspiringchampsOT
3x5 knights or so
3x5 hounds or so
2x10 horror of so
a few furies
and chaos trolls??? or what should i use else?

greetings a fellow chaos general