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    Starting out with Tzeentch

    I'm a 40k player just about to make the jump into Fantasy, as the store I play at is starting a gradually escalating campaign, starting at 500 and moving up from there. I've decided to play a Tzeentch army, and my 500 point list is basically just an Aspiring Champion, a unit of Warriors, a unit of Marauders, and possibly a few Warhounds to fill in the points... There's not much you can toy around with at 500, so obviously I'm not asking for advice there.

    But as my army expands, what directions should I branch out in? I picked up the army book today and read though it, and I'm looking for a little advice on how to flesh out a solid Tzeentch army. Any advice would be awesome!

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    welcome to the world of tray pushing!

    and you've made a good choice with chaos.

    ah... the ability to crush your opponents in the magic phase - as long as you don't roll that miscast and blow your hero away!

    an extra spellcaster would be a good choice, but at a base cost of 150pts for a asp. champ and the mark, you can't afford a whole lot of heros in 1000pts. two would be the least you should take in 1000pts, 2 (but 3 is probably best) in 1500pts and in 2000pts you can shell out for the lord of chaos with the mark of tzeentch (base cost = 350pts) if you really want to, but like i said, the miscasts can be a b*tch. if you're looking for cheap tzeentch heroes, take wargors from the beasts of chaos list (130pts with mark) and throw him in a beastherd (ablative shielding, just don't run away). as far as magic items: always take a ward save. gaze of the gods is good, but there is the tzeentch one (3+ against all missile attacks) if you plan on not getting into combat

    if you have a mortal general (asp or exalted champs) core choices will be units like warriors and marauders. large blocks of chais warriors are good, but in a smaller points game, marauders are more cost effective. go HW, shield and LA for the 4+ save in combat. chariots are very good too in small scale games, but work best if you have 2 of them working together. chaos knights are probably one of the best heavy cav in the game. always S5 with I5 can really hurt low toughness troops, but please don't pay the points for the chosen upgrade. at 45pts per model it becomes a very expensive unit real quick and that 1+ armour save won't help you against attacks that ignore armour saves, like stone throwers.
    and always take the mark of tzeentch on the units that can have it: the extra power dice do help - alternatively stick with the mark of undivided for the re-roll psych tests

    special choices: a beastherd can be a handy flanking unit, running thru terrain and then pouncing on flanks or smaller units, and having the ability of a standard, gaining 2 ranks max in combat and being skirmishers. bestigor units (beastmen with heavy armour and great weapons) with 3 or 4 ranks plus the mark can be annoying with their movement 5. minotuars can be handy and can take a mark, but are on the expensive side and won't overrun due to the bloodgreed rule. chaos ogres are the bomb! at a total cost of 296pts you get 6 chaos ogres with a full command, heavy armour and shields, giving a save in H to H combat of 3+! thats better than any dogs of war ogre and its only a special choice! daemons can be handy, but the instability test can really hurt at crucial times. horrors are just plain cool! suck in combat but they can cast at half the power level of the unit (so a unit of 12 will cast at power level 6, forcing the opponent to throw more than 1 dice to dispel) without using any power dice. flamers are alright but must accompany the horrors if you want to take them. screamers are good but at 33pts each they are a bit pricey. chaos furies fill the warmachine and lone character hunting role and are alright, but Ld 6 sucks bad

    rare choices: chaos spawn are fun to play with as half the time they stumble forward 4" in one phase and 11" in another. upgrading is an option but you need to ask youself if the extra 15pts you paid for the breath weapon was worth it. never used dragon ogres but are a good line breaker unit. shaggoths are pricey and take up a rare and a special choice, but are no slouches in combat. the best rare choice that i have found is the chaos giant with the mutant monstrosity upgrade. at 225pts you have more fun with it than any other choice. yell and bawl is a good way to win combat without losing any wounds, jump up and down will destroy units so long as you don't fall down, and pick up and... is always a laugh. the best thing is the ability to bellyflop onto the unit due to the mutant monstrosity rule (when you roll on the giant attacks chart, you roll another dice - if the score is the same as the initial dice roll, he throws himself onto the unit). he does take a wound, but the ability to cause S6 hits that D3 wounds can make up for it at times. also a 5+ scaly skin armour save annoys the hell out of archers with S3.

    hope this "essay" helps you, but the main rule is: aspiring champs with the mark of tzeentch and plenty of units with the mark too

    - lord of chaos undecided
    (roller of sh*tloads of 2's to hit)
    "Now that question is less stupid, though you asked it in a profoundly stupid manner..."

    Current Armies:
    - Chaos Undivided: way too many points for my small budget
    - Empire: reliving my first army
    - Lizardmen: too many skinks dammit
    - Space Marines: who doesn't like a man in armour? lol

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