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    banner of the gods

    what are the opinions on the banner of the gods?

    i know that at 125pts its pricey but in a 3000pt battle against brettonians would it be worth it?

    i would like to think that in this case it is handy as the ranks and kills on the charge from brets would tear me a knew one :cry:

    and being stubborn is very nice in this situation

    - LoCU :shifty:

    ps: the game is this sunday coming (oz time) so reply lots please

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    It is as you say, ridiculously expensive, but it may save two or three of your core infantry units from crumbling under a Bretonnian charge. Imagine a large unit of Marauders or Chaos Warriors led by Exalted or Aspiring champions (one of which may well be the army battle standard bearer). They will have the numbers to absorb the casualties, the Stubborn ability on Ld 8 to withstand the charge and the champions to deal some S5 damage back.

    I'd say if you can afford to take it, then do so, especially against armies like Bretonnians or Empire Knights. Your infantry units will certainly get charged and usually cannot stand after taking lots of casualties (and don't forget, the Bretonnians get enough rank bonuses of their own to cancel out yours!).

    If you do take it, remember it only has a short area of effect, so you need to keep your infantry in a tight, solid line. It's just as well that this is a reasonably large points game, because ideally you'll want lots of chaos warriors, a champion to lead each unit, the banner itself, and enough fast units of your own (marauder horse, chaos knights, etc) to protect your flanks and later to attack the flanks of the enemy knights. Also, take some flyers if you can (furies, or ideally Screamers), they'll annoy him, and you'll need them to counter his Pegasus knights (he'll have those, I guarantee you!). Although don't charge knight units with the flyers on their own, your air force will get creamed!
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