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    2 units of flyers worth it?

    Hey i have been contemplating the possibility of having to small units of flyers in my 2000 point army than just 1, just to have that extra help with my army two main problems, magic and warmachines. I currently have 6-8 furies, and i dont no whether to add in 3 extra screamers. My army list is in the army list forum, but it is essentially, crom, mounted exalted champ (either with knights or with a infantry unit), warriors, 2 unit of marauders, medium sized beast herd, 2 chariots, furies, scroll caddie, 5 chosen knights, 2 units of warhounds (for screening) and 2 units of marauder horsemen with flails.

    To be honest im not really sure where the points for the screamers will come from, or if my army really needs them.... would anything in this army be worth replacing with 3 screamers?

    thanks for any help

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    In my VC army, I use a single unit of fell bats, which is good enough most of the time. However, there is that "most of the time" which implies a "some of the time" that having another unit would really help, and it's true, at least for me. Warmachines with bodyguard units are the worst, and my fell bats and dire wolves die like toppled dominoes.

    SO I don't know if that really answers your question. The only perspective I have is what comes from playing VC and WEs. And in WEs, too, I use just a single unit of warhawks, though I would add an eagle if not for the fact that I take two treemen.
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    Given the army you have, I wouldn't bother with two units of flyers.

    Flyers, as you said, target mages and war machines. They can also challenge small units of weak fast cav in a pinch. They can also be used to marchblock. Finally, due to skirmishing (furies) and the daemonic ward save, both units work moderately well as screening units, as they are unlikely to die in droves to infantry with missle weapons, or war machines (watch out for war machines with magical attacks, dwarfs and skaven especially).

    You have 4 units (2 warhounds, 2 fast cav) that can also perform similar roles. Both can also flee from charges (bait-charges), and fast cav excel recovering afterwards. Your flyers cannot do this because they are demonic (immune to psych).

    Your fast cav can also suicide charge units (attack units they cannot hope to defeat due to static combat resolution) to kill mages etc., and have hope of fleeing and recovering. Due to demonic instability, your flyers are likely to evaporate if they try this against a unit they cannot beat.

    So, I think you have plenty of what I call 'manuevering' units, and the points you would spend on a 2nd unit of flyers are probably better spent on primary fighting units. If you really want the flyers (they are cool, both models and rules) I'd sacrifice warhounds and/or marauder horsemen to get them, as they fill similar roles.

    Probably more explanation than you wanted. whee.
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