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    Charge Possible?


    I have rules questions mainly concerning chaos.

    Yesterday, my knights with dogs screening them were attacking archers.
    The archers fired at my dogs, killing 2 and opening a line of sight from my knights to the archers.

    1. Can I now announce a charge of my knights against the archers, even though the dogs are blocking their path? I think rules say simply: you need LOS.

    2. Do I have to declare a charge with the dogs as well? In this case, they might be out of the way when the knights move. Do they have to charge the same target? How are they alined if charging the same target?

    3. What happens if the dogs don't declare a charge themselves and knights collide during their charge. (rulesbook ref?)

    4. If the knights are khorne: do they have to declare a charge although their path is blocked?


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    1. You can certainly DECLARE a charge... whether they connect at all is a question. If you declare with the knights but you DON'T declare with the hounds, then (most likely) the charge will fail since the hounds won't have an opportunity to get out of the way in time since the knights will move first.

    2. If you declare a charge with the dogs as well, you can move them before the knights in the move chargers phase. If you declare charge on the same unit you'll end up qith both units in combat, assuming that they both have range. If you declare a charge with the hounds on another unit, that will free up your knights, assuming the hounds move out of the way!

    Note: If you're a cheesy git, you can declare a charge with the hounds on a unit off to the side, even if they're way out of range... with any luck the failed charge will haul them out of the way of the knights.... as I said though, cheesy.

    3.If the dogs don't charge, they're in the way, and the knights can't charge. There is no 'collide'... your charge just won't work.

    4. If you choose to not charge with your dogs, then the khorne knights don't have to charge... they can't get there. If the hounds charge out of the way, they do.

    that's my take.

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