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Thread: Tyranid idea

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    Tyranid idea

    Hi all,

    I just finished my O&G 2000 pts army and I though of starting another army. I still have a tyranid army from warhammer 40k that I don't use and cant find anyone to sell so I though, Why not!

    I though about making a deamon list (because tyranid still look like deamon IMO).

    If you have tips or any picture of people arealdy doing it, any help is need. I still don't know wich of the four god would be the more fluffly. Nurgle seem fine but if there other choice, let me hear it!

    By the way, here what I have from tyranid:

    6 warrior( 3 old and 3 new)
    8 genesteeler
    18 hormagaunt
    22 thermagaunt
    Like 8 ripper swarm
    1 new carnifex
    3 zoanthrope

    I got all the square base need and some chaos bits from w40k left over so I just need to know wich model for wich unit. I don't want to buy anything new because of money problem, I want to have a cheap army and original one wich make the opponent say WTH

    Thanks for future help!

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    Sounds like an interesting idea. Would be cool to see those tyranid models ranked up. Be sure to post any pics so we can have a look!



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