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    marauders in BoC

    i know this maybe belongs in the BoC section, but it might have the same relevance in this one...

    im building a beast army at about 2000 pts, only including units from the beasts army book. i then read the discussion about marauders, and how nice they are(you know, with the WS4, shield, light armour for 7 pts), and suddenly came up with the idea that it maybe would be awesome putting these fellas into my beast army...

    have any1 of you tried this out? how did it work? i know they take a special unit slot, but it might be nice, having a decent fighting unit, with ranks, command among the beast herds and bestigors. i kinda miss some solid blocks too..

    if this is not a completely silly idea, should i then add a mortal character for the fightning power in the unit, cause my other beasts chars wont be able to join them as you know.. i could let a aspring champion join them....

    i do have some neat conversion ideas for the unit too, so how does all this sound? pls comment..

    regards. AND

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    Well, its asking about marauders with respect to beasts, but you are likely to get better responses here, and it is technically asking about the merits of the mortal unit. So here sounds good to me!

    I think it isn't a bad idea, although I think beastherds are often superior to marauder infantry. But sometimes you don't want kills, just static CR, and marauders are great for that. A character in the unit is a good idea to ensure SOME kills, and when equipped properly (MoN) he adds fear-resistance to the unit. A mortal sorcerer on barded steed in the unit has 2 S4 attacks, a 2+ save, and casts spells, and could be a potent addition also.

    Sounds fine to me, try it out and see if it fits your tactics!

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