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    Mechanized infantry the Khorne way.

    NO I haven't posted in the wrong forum but please, feel free to read on.

    I have a modeling idea for the next Golden Daemon. I am however ham-strung by the fact that I have no real modeling skill and the only mate of mine who could do it just joined the army (he'll have no time now-adays).

    Hold on here coz the description is rather involved. The model is thought to go in the diorama, or battle category and works on the idea that Juggernaughts are not classed as living. The model consists of an expanded chariot - 2 standard ones lashed together or a scratch built one. with no armour on the sides, only that little plate on the front. Running down the middle of the chariot is a hand rail being held by 6 (or more if they fit) warriors of Khorne. The chariot will be pulled by 2 Juggernoughts of Khorne, and piloted by a bloodletter. We could go over the top and have the afore-mentioned, afront to Sigmar slamming into a unit of empire weaklings, and the warriors in mid jump.

    Thoughts anyone? Please, if someone is willing to make this and enter it just reference me somewhere. (Makes sense to me, if you need clarification just ask.)

    Upon meditation I realised that the new Warriors will make life hell for the poor sap who thinks this is a good idea. Alternative ideas could be old warriors if they could be sourced (for the purist effect). Better though would be marauders with 2 hand weapons: easier to model/convert, visible faces/open helms, and hey why not ... because you can fit more on the chariot than you can with mail-clad freaks.

    *No rseponses !? tell me I'm dreaming if you will, I just want some feedback*

    Last edited by Ophanim; July 4th, 2007 at 03:39.

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