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    Hordes of Chaos Newbie

    Hello, I'm a veteran 40k and LotR(dominating) player and wanted to start Fantasy with Hordes of Chaos to start just because I have a spare Bloodthirster, and because their freaking awesome.

    I just wondered, whats the best type of army for a beginner?(i.e Khorne, Undivided), and what should be the core units of my army before I add anything else?

    P.S. I look forward to playing Archaon's horde

    Thank You

    I would like a hard hitting army supported by cavalry, and either Daemons, or a Helcannon.

    Thank You again

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    I just wondered, whats the best type of army for a beginner?(i.e Khorne, Undivided), and what should be the core units of my army before I add anything else?
    There is no "best"army in chaos regardless of whether or not you are a starter or veteran.

    It all depends on what you want your units to do, keeping in mind that your cheap troop choices (marauders) can't take marks and as such are relatively plain.

    Also, having a spare bloodthirster is really NOT useful until at least 3000 points. For a couple of reasons.

    1- He is a lord choice (unavailable until 2000 points)

    2- He will make your army a daemonic one meaning your mortal units (chariots, marauders, warriors, knights) are all special choices and are restricted in number as well.

    3- He costs almost 3 times what he does in 40k, no lascannons to shoot him in the head with!!

    So, first give us an idea of what type of army you wish to field, then we can give you some more definitive advice.

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    For a beginner to the system as well as the army i would start off as undivided. From there you can work out if your play style suits a particular god. Each God has advantages and disadvantages.

    Cheep mark (its free!). You can re-roll panic tests. Plus you can still mark other units you just cannot mix marks within a unit (have a slaanesh hero lead a khorne marked unit). Lots of units, because u do not have to mark anything it gives you more points to buy more units with.
    Disadvantage: All the god marks are specialists at what they do so individually they will be better than you at that. But overall you are better overall than they are.

    Advantage: Hits hard, real hard. Harder than any other army in the game and the second fastest mark. Magic resistance, plus you will get a ton of dispel dice.
    Disadvantage: a good opponent will lead your frenzied forces all around the board and out of position. So you stand a chance of not being in control of your forces as they make their frenzy moves.

    Advantage: Fast, Very Fast and immune to Psychology. Probably the best god for a beginner if i had to choose one. One of the best magic Law too if you wanted to go that way.
    Disadvantage: Cannot flee so no combat tricks for you. Your plan will be known from the moment you set up, its a good thing u have speed on your side learning to combine that speed and magic can be tricky.

    Advantage: Fear and toughness. Nurgle in general is slow but tough. Causing Fear and giving minuses to hit in combat. Look really cool if your good with green stuff. If you cause fear you are immune to fear.
    Disadvantage: The mark is expensive for what you get so you will end up with a small slow warband. Magic law is not that crash hot either.

    Advantage: Magic using fighty characters. lots and lots of power dice. If you want a force that can hit hard and dominate the magic phase this is it.
    Disadvantage: Psychology, Tzeentch is not immune in one way or another like all the other gods so you have a good chance of your troops running away at the wrong times. The mark does not give anything to your units and is a little expensive so a smaller warband again.

    BTW for the record i play Tzeentch
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