Noble with Light Armour, Annoyance of Netlings and Enchanted shield
Spellsinger with Dispel Scroll

10 Glade Guard
5 Glade Riders
9 Dryads
9 Dryads

3 Tree Kin

5 Waywatchers

I like this army. Being wood elves, i think the use of bows should be widespread in any force, so i've taken 3 units that can fire long distance into the enemy. I also have some (it's better than none) magical defense. And as the enemy draws to close with my Glade Guard, my Tree Kin will be waiting for them. The Dryads can offer additional support for the GG, or go and befuddle the advancing line. Even my Noble should fair well with a 3+ save and only being hit on 6s. His high weapon skill and inititative should see him doing a little bit of damage each round. Any comments on how it could be improved?