Heres a list that I have no intention of ever building but wanted to put "out there" for some debate on the use of the Eternal Kin and how it may work in an army.

What I would like is if you think its effective, what problems they may have and any tweaks you can recommend.

Heres the list plus some commentary.

Highborn (272)
Alter Kin, GW, LA, Shield, Helm of the Hunt, Bow of Loren, Arcane Bodkins

Had to take a Highborn to get Eternal Guard as core, but didn't want to do the Rhymers Harp thing.

Noble (130)
Eternal Kin, Merciw’s Locus, Hail of Doom Arrows

Noble (130)
Eternal Kin, Amber Pendent, Gwytherc’s Horn

Both these guys go in the larger EG unit. The magic items allow them to strike first (effectively) and negate the strength based benefits of enemy weapons in base contact. So these guys can put out 8 strenth 4 attacks between them. The Horn I added as an afterthought but now I am in love with it. Why? Stubborn is a great rule but when outnumbered by a fear causing opponent you lose stubborn. Making yourself Immune to Psychology means you ignore fear and can use unmodified leadership. I have dliberately stayed away from a BSB but the second Eternal can easily be changed into one.

Spellsinger (140)
Two Dispel Srcolls

10 Glade Guard, Musician (126)

10 Glade Guard, Musician (126)

10 Eternal Guard, Musician (126)

This unit is a speed bump, charge diverter, flank charger. Bascially a utility unit that can dish out a lot of attacks if required.

20 Eternal Guard, Full Command, Warbanner (295)

7 Wardancers, Musician (133)

7 Wardancers, Musician (133)


3 Warhawk Riders

Warmachine/mage killers.

5 Wildriders, Standard Bearer (14


5 Waywatchers

Marchblocking goodness.


The premise of this army is to sit back and allow the enemy to come to me. With enough speed and flexibility to go after the enemy if required. The small block of EG is a basic throwaway unit. It has no standard and can divert an enemy charge into a position of my choosing. The large unit is pretty much a standard Anvil unit.

One thing I have noticed is that this list will work fairly well against both Horde and Heavy armour, they huge amount of attacks from the EG units will inflict lots of casualties on lightly armoured troops.

The only really problem is armies with lots of monsters. I'm not sure about them.