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Thread: My woodies list

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    Junior Member Nhoj Of the Glen's Avatar
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    Dec 2007
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    My woodies list

    Ok played wood elves a few times b4 but won my 1st game last week against Vamps here is the list i used at 3000 points seems to be the amout our club usualy plays.
    just wondering what advise u could give on how to improve the army, as he wants revenge next week!

    HighBorn Wardancer kindred Blades of Loec, AoN, Amarathine Brooch.

    Noble Gr8 wep and Amber pendant

    Spell singer, disp scroll X 2

    Spell singer, Disp scroll X 2


    Eternal Guard Unit X21 champ War Banner (noble goes in here)

    Dryads X 11 Nymph

    Dryads X 11 Nymph

    Dryads X 11 Nymph

    Glade Riders X 5 Mu

    Glade Riders X 5 Mu

    Glade Riders X5 Mu


    WarDancers X 11 mu and champ

    WarDancers X 11 Mu and Champ

    Wild Riders X 6 Champ and Mu

    Tree Kin X 4 Elder


    Treeman X 1

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    Senior Member sirkently's Avatar
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    The list looks good, obviously since you won, it served its purpose. If you want to change it up this is what I would suggest.

    Change one unit of GR into GG.
    Change one of the spellsingers to a branchwraith with cluster of radiants and pageant of shrikes
    Add in a Great Eagle
    Maybe add in one more unit of WR

    Adjust your quantity of skirmishers to get the points for what ever you choose.

    There is my two cents.

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