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    2k points list,need those opinions!

    After musing over this list for quite sometime i have decided to post it.It Capitalizes on the use of flying creatures and the "Battle Line" tactic.What i figured is deploy the 2 units of glade guard and the 2 eternal guard behind them.Well my enemy is marching to my battle line pick off or charge any easy to kill units(ie. fast cav,warmachines,mages)and when the enemy charges my glade guard they flee and that unit runs into my unit of eternal guard.Then on my turn i flank charge with the dryads and if my fast units are not engaged elsewhere will charge as well.Here it is:

    Noble 176 pts.
    Great Eagle
    Hunter's Talon
    Helm of the Hunt

    Noble(Army General)125 pts.
    Eternal Kindred
    Annoyance of Netlings
    Merciw's Locus

    Branchwraith 140 pts.
    Level 1
    A Cluster of Radiants

    Spellsinger 140 pts.
    2 Dispel Scrolls

    10 Glade Guard 126 pts.

    10 Glade Guard 126 pts.

    12 Eternal Guard(General's Unit) 174 pts.
    Full Command

    12 Eternal Guard 174 pts.
    Full Command

    8 Dryads (Branchwraith's Unit)108 pts.
    Branch Nymph

    8 Dryads 96 pts.

    6 Wild Riders 192 pts.
    Full Command

    6 Wild Riders 192 pts.
    Full Command

    3 Warhawk Riders 120 pts.

    3 Warhawk Riders 120 pts.

    Power Dice:4
    Dispel Dice:5
    Dispel Scrolls:2

    Thanks for reading my post.


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    I think your eternal guard are too small to be worth anything. The whole point of Eternal guard (in my opinion) was to imitated HE spearmen and provide something in the army with ranked bonus, combat res. The way you have it set up, especially with Merciw's locus, there is a really good chance you won't cause a single wound (especially after saves). You're enemy might cause one, he'll outnumber you and have full ranks, and it is super easy to fail a leadership 8 test. Or against something like ogres or minotaurs, they will get slaughtered before any of them get to strike.

    I would combine the 2 eternal guard into 1 unit of about 20. That way you have full ranks and a decent combat unit. A warbanner wouldn't be bad either for them. You could make them a bit bigger and wider if you put your spellsinger inthe unit as well.

    I think the warhawk riders are too expensive and not effective enough against most armies to be worth taking one much less two units of them. anything with some shooting is going to blow your lord off his bird and then take them out. Against fast cav they can get shot down on a stand and shoot, against a fully ranked unit, they'll die from the opponent's attacks back. Once can be somewhat useful, if you're able to take out a mage or something, but 2 are pretty worthless.

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