1999p Mainly forest spirit army - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1999p Mainly forest spirit army

    Hi all, what do you think about this army?
    I used big number of cheap and excellent dryads(good S,T,A, and ward save for 12p), all army except spellsingers are forest spirits, spellsingers with branchwraith provide good dispell potencial and are used for treesinging(together with treeman, laying in deep moving forest- invisible, terror, strangle roots-and waiting for his time to attack) 8Y
    One special slot wasn't used.

    Where can I expect weaknesses?

    1999 Pts - "Shadows of trees"- Wood elf forest spirit army

    Branchwraith 165
    Magic Level 1
    Cluster of Radiants
    Lamentation of Despairs

    Spellsinger 175
    Magic Level 2
    Calaingor's Stave
    Power Stone

    Spellsinger 175
    General;Magic Level 2
    Deepwood Sphere
    Dispel Scroll
    Treeman 285

    3xTreekin 195

    6xWild Riders 217

    (Standard; Musician; Wild Hunter)
    War Banner
    8xDryads 108 (unit with branchwraith)
    Branch Nymph

    8xDryads 96

    8xDryads 96

    8xDryads 96

    8xDryads 96

    8xDryads 96

    8xDryads 96

    8xDryads 96

    Total Army Cost: 1992

    Casting Pool: 7
    Dispel Pool: 6
    Models in Army: 77 :happy:

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    for a forest spirit army, i think your on the right track, if you want to be 'pure' than ignore my next advise
    put a nobe in with hail of doom arrow
    put one unit of glade guard, to provide some shooting
    put a small unit of WDs in, to have a really hard hitting unit
    or put another treekin unit in, you need more hold in place troops

    its interesting, maybe think you should use drycha, to make your FS units pop up all over the place, it would annoy the hell out of everyone else ( spellsinger can become forest spirits)

    your armies weaknesses
    full ranked unit will tear the army to shreds
    heavy cavalry will be able to pick off one unit of dryads at a time
    an ennemy gun line/castle formation will rip this army apart
    concentrated shooting will take the dryads down,and those that make it to the ennemy will be hard pressed to win combat against fully ranked troops,

    it is possible that some magic will get through, as good as 6 dispel dice is, some 2000 pt armies can make use of 9+ power dice,
    a HE army , with a dragon mage will tear these armie to shreds

    deamon princes, beastmasters on manticores,and haeavy cavalry will give the army a hard time, ur not really gonna be able to hide all of yourarmy in the treesjust be careful, this army is highly fragile, all elf WE armies usually dont work, all Forest spirit armies usually dont work either, consider using a mix of elves and forest spirits

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