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    Member Otissimo's Avatar
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    2k tournament-ish

    This is for a sort of drawn out tournament, more like a league actually, except that the lists are the same for each game.
    Anyhoo the others play Lizardmen, Tomb Kings, Chaos mortals and mounted Goblins.

    Spellweaver Lord-Durwyth, lvl4,Ranu's Heartstone...270
    Spellsinger Hero- Alithael, lvl 1 2 dispel scrolls ...140
    Branchwraith Hero-Lychale, Cluster, Annoyance...115
    Wardancer Noble-Maldirion, Moonstone...140

    10 Glade guard-musician,bowman...132
    10 Glade guard-musician,bowman...132
    12 Glade guard-musician,bowman...156
    8 dryads...XX
    8 dryads...XX
    8 dryads-nymph...108

    5 Wild Riders-full command...116
    3 Treekin...YYY
    7 Wardancers-musician...133
    3 Warhawk Riders...ZZZ


    I've also got an alter noble, 5 waywatchers and a treeman. I usually run without a lord, but sometimes magic is fun. I know the weaver is unprotected, but he usually sits out of sight in the free wood and takes Athel Loren spells that dont need sight.

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    I like magic sometimes also. When I use it, I go all out. Make the spellsinger lvl2 and the branchwraith lvl1. Give the branchwraith the befuddlement of mischiefs and have a treeman for the one treesinging.

    I second point would be that I prefer treekin units to be 4 wide as this is how many can fit in combat vs a 5 wide ranked enemy unit. The extra attacks really help for combat res. The same goes for the WR who I like to use 6 wide.

    Lastly I usually only use 2 units of GG but this is more dependant on how you use terrain. 3 is good if you think you can usually get los with how you set up terrain.

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    I have to agree with sirkently. If you're going to go magic heavy (with a lordmage) you need to bolster the magic phase. As WE, it is very difficult to get power dice in the magic phase and a lot of the good spells cost more than average rolls. The way to make this work is with bound spells. Otherwise the enemy can dispel just about everything you cast per turn. If you're going to run a lvl4, then you need to make the other guy a lvl2. I agree that a lvl1 on the branchwraith would also help (he can cast treesinging on 1 die 50% of the time) I run a treeman ancient and 2 level 2's. the TMA takes the befuddlement bound spell which is probably the most useful bound we have. With a level 4,2,1 and a bound you have a chance to get a good spell off each turn and a treesinging. A Treeman's treesinging would also help.

    To get points for all this, I would drop the champions from your GG and make the GG 2units of 12. The wildriders should also be 6 wide with a warbanner. The wardancer unit could even be a bit bigger. These guys will take casualties on your way to battle, if they don't, you're going to need them at full strength because it is very difficult to get combat resolution any other way than kills.

    I can't stand warhawk riders, I think your waywatchers and definately a treeman would be better/more effective.

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