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    2k list friendly, maybe even tourny

    My 2nd attempt at putting up a list here so let me know what you guys think about it.

    * Highborn
    - Alter kindred
    - Great weapon
    - Light armour
    - Bow of Loren
    - Arcane Bodkins
    - The Helm of the Hunt
    - Enchanted Shield

    * Noble
    - Wardancer Kindred
    - Blades of Leoc

    * Branchwraith
    - lvl 1
    - Annoyance of Netlings
    - Cluster of Radiants

    * Spellsinger
    - lvl 1
    - 2 dispel scrolls

    * 10 Glade Guards

    * 10 Glade Guards

    * 10 Glade Guards

    * 10 Dryads

    * 10 Dryads

    * 6 Wild Riders
    - full comm.
    - War Banner

    * 6 Wild Riders
    - full comm.

    * 9 Wardancers
    - champion and musician

    * 2 Great Eagles

    The Alter just stays with a unit of Glade Guard shooting juicy knights till the time is right to go in combat. Noble joins Wardancers (duh). Branchwraith joins a unit of Dryads and rest just does what it's good at i suppose
    Well that's it, i think it's a pretty good list but plz let my know you input on this one.

    Gz Jaaktrekaak

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    Senior Member sirkently's Avatar
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    Well first off, the noble can't have an enchanted shield and the helm of the hunt. I don't think you need the helm on a bow noble anyway. Give him the glamourweave, or stone of the crystal mere for a ward save.

    Dryads are too heavy for me. I prefer 8, if I have extra points I will throw in a 9th, but 10 is too big IMO. I would drop down, and get some musicians for the GG.

    Other than that, the list looks solid. I really like two units of wild riders.


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    /botnobot/ DavidWC09's Avatar
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    I agree with sirkently for the most part.

    Pare down Dryads to 8. That gives you points to take another wardancer. Then use two units of 5 wardancers with command (champ optional, mus not IMO). More units means less eggs in one basket. If a unit breaks, dies, runs off the board, you've lost one unit of wardancers, not your only unit of wardancers. More killing power from more angles.

    I like the amber pendant on that alter. It makes that great weapon really powerful if he's stuck in combat for more than one turn. But yeah, drop the illegal enchanted shield for a mundane shield so that you still have a 4+ save against missile fire and magic.

    Everything else is pretty solid. I don't use a wardancer noble, but that's just me. I'm a fervant believer in the hail of doom arrow. Of course, you know, a regular noble can still join wardancers. It's a nasty surprise for the enemy to have a stand and shoot reaction with the HoDA when your dancers are charged.
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