'Ard Boyz Tournament: Wood Elves Riot, April 19 - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    'Ard Boyz Tournament: Wood Elves Riot, April 19

    Here's what I have so far.

    30 archers either span a flank or screen the main force. 7 scouts and a noble with the Hail of Doom Arrow

    The main force consists of 28 eternal guard anchored on a highborn and a noble. The highborn has the Rhymer's Harp and AoN mounted with light armor and a shield for a 4+ armor save, while the noble has something different for me: the Amaranthine Brooch for a 3+ ward against mundane attacks and gwytherc's horn to ensure that I either get or accept the charge. Not having to roll that one test could mean everything for my army.

    Two Treemen flank the EG and benefit from the BSB. They are supported by three Treekin and two units of 8 dryads.

    I'll also field two units of 7 wardancers.

    My cavalary is limited to 6 glade riders and 6 wild riders, the same ones I usually use.

    Other characters include a spellweaver, lvl 3, wand of wych elm. A branchwraith, lvl 1 with cluster of radiants and murder of spites.

    I'll use my great eagle, and that's it.

    It has 6 casting dice and two bound spells. 6 rerollable dispel dice and some magic resistant units. No scrolls which is bad news

    118 models, almost everything I own by Wood Elves. I have some warhawks Icould field and that's about it.

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    Really tight and tidy list. I like the fact that you jave 2 treemen flanking you EG. Nice idea, as the EG will hopefully hold, and then you can murder you oppenant in the flanks. ;Y

    I can really think of anything to really add to that list, from what you have left. I would suggest a tester games, against someone to see how it fairs.
    Sunday 20th July Wood Elves vs. Brettonians
    Mission: Flank Attack (Brettonians attacking)
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