2250 pts Competative Wood Elves (Looking for critiques) - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2250 pts Competative Wood Elves (Looking for critiques)

    There is a tournament coming up next month at my local gaming store and I would like to have a fairly decent chance at winning. I am looking for any and all help.

    Lords and Heros
    Treeman Ancient 375 pts
    -Cluster of Radiants, Annoyance of Netlings

    Spellsinger 175 pts
    - Dispel Scroll, Powerstone

    Spellsinger 175 pts
    - Dispel Scroll, Powerstone

    Noble 121 pts
    - Elven Steed, Spear, Light Armor, Hail of Doom Arrow

    3x 9 Dryads 108 pts

    2x 12 Glade Guard 144 pts

    5 Glade Riders 129 pts
    - Musician

    4 Warhawk Riders 160 pts

    6 Wild Riders 199 pts
    - Standard Bearer w/ War Banner

    8 Wardancers 151 pts
    - Musician

    Treeman Ancient (see above)

    6 Waywatchers 152 pts
    - Shadow Sentinel

    Grand Total: 2249 pts

    My plan is to leave the 2 groups of Glade Guard behind to hold my table quarters. The Wardancers, Wild Riders and Treeman Ancient go forward to get into close combat whilst the Dryads act as a counter attack or go forward as well. The Glade Riders, Warhawk riders and Waywatchers will pick off stragglers and claim table quarters. The Noble will ride with the Glade Riders whilst the two Spellsinger will go around where they are needed. What do you guys think?

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    Looks like a nice list to me. If I was to change anything this is what I would change:

    1) Make the noble on the elven steed a wild rider kindred and drop one wild rider to fit him in nicely. Gives him and ward save and other bonuses.

    2) Take away the powerstone from one of the spellsingers, and replace with the befuddlement of Mischiefs spite. Gives you another option that your opponent will have to consider dispelling. Or it could be given to the ancient.

    3) I would think about champs for the wardancer and wild rider units. Might not end up in, but I would consider it.

    There are my thoughts. The list is good as is. I just throw these out for thought.


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