Well,after play testing the mk. I list i have made a few revisions.Check out the new list:

Great Weapon
Light Armor
An Annoyance of Netlings
The Rhymer's Harp

additional hand weapon
Wardaner Kindred
Moonstone of Hidden Ways

Level 1
A Cluster of Radiants

Level 2
Calaingor's Stave
Dispel Scroll

10 Glade Guard

10 Glade Guard

8 Dryads
Branch Nymph

8 Dryads

17 Eternal Guard
Full Command

9 Wardancers

3 Warhawk Riders

5 Wild Riders
Full Command

3 Tree Kin

5 Waywatchers



Notes(Read these before reviewing):
-I realize that the wardancer noble is a topic of heated discussion but the rules clearly state what can and can not be taken,and if corrected in a FAQ i will change the entry.
-In did not do 22 eternal guard plus bsb because i have had bad experiences with putting all my eggs in one basket.
-I did not do 6 wide for the wild riders because i did not have the points to.
-I do not put tree kin 4 wide because that hurts their mobility and ability to tree surf.

-Highborn goes with eternal guard
-Noble goes with wardancers
-Branchwraith goes with the unit of dryads with champion
-I usually put the treeman and spellsinger in the same forest and tree sing the bejesus out of it putting some pressure on my opponent.
-I put my waywatchers in the forest that is usually in my opponent's deployment zone by an expensive unit and after wasting a turn or 2 of the enemy unit getting in position to charge them teleport my wardancers behind them to make my opponent rethink charging or i use the bait and switch tactic.
-Sometimes i also take the hammer and anvil approach.The hammer consisting of wild riders on the outside,eternal guard in middle,and treekin on the inside of the line on one of my flanks.The rest take up what is left of my deployment zone and keep my opponent's units busy until the hammer takes care of the usually soft flank and get to the hard center.

Thanks for reading this long thread and thanks even more if you choose to comment.