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    2000pt army list vs HE

    2000pt army list


    here is my 2000pt army list which i will be using against HE this summer. Pick it apart and let me know what you guys think... I have not bought the 2nd treeman yet but plan on buying him soon... thanks guys

    highborn- 145
    wardancer- 50
    blades of loec- 35
    annoyance- 25
    amber pendant- 35 total - 290pts

    noble 75
    great eagle 50 (to take out 2 bolt throwers)
    light arm. 2
    shield 2
    hail of doom or bow of loren- 35
    talisman of protection- 15 total - 179 pts

    Should i take the hail of doom or bow of loren???


    10 Glade Guard- 120
    10 Glade Guard- 120
    10 Glade Guard- 120

    8 dryads+Bnymph- 108
    8 dryads+Bnymph- 108
    8 dryads+Bnymph- 108


    6 wardancers (joined with highborn to total 7)
    musicain, bladesinger- 129 pts

    7 wardancers
    musician, bladesinger- 147 pts


    Treeman- 285pts

    Treeman- 285 pts

    total 1999pts

    I love the treeman model and love his bang. i plan on having my wardancers in woods followed by both treeman, hopefully he will charge the wardancers, and i can put the moonstone on them if i want and strangle root the enemy in the woods.i also plan on havein 3 unit of 10 GG with 3 units of 8 dryads behind them unti the GG get charged then flee through the dryads so dryads can charge the enemy unit.

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    I would be concerned that you have no magic defence, unless you know the HE's you are playing won't be bringing a lot of magic. As for the noble, take the hail of doom over the bow. As for the tactics, against high elves, your dryads charging doesn't help and can hurt. I would rather stop an inch in front of the high elves so they have to charge you. At least against spearmen you would face fewer attacks.


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