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    Member WildWoodie's Avatar
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    1k VS Greenskins

    Ok so im about to play my greenskin buddy soon and have been toying with a list at 1k but just am not too sure what to change about it yet.

    Branchwraith: pts
    A Befuddlement of Mischiefs: pts
    Noble: 158pts
    Alter Kindred: pts
    Hail of Doom Arrow: pts
    Helm of the Hunt: pts
    Sheild, Light Armor, & Great Weapon: pts
    10 Glade Guard: 120pts
    10 Glade Guard: 120pts
    8 Dryads: 96pts
    7 Wardancers: 126pts
    Treeman: 285pts

    this puts me at 995pts however ive been thinking i want a bait and run unit like Glade Riders, Warhawk Riders, or Scouts. That being said im not too sure yet but im thinking about droping the unit of Dryads to try and squeeze in the other unit. I am trying to make it a very shooty army in hopes of causing his fanatics to either come out early from the warhawk riders or make the gobbo units flee from shooting so that the fanatics are removed that way. I will give you a brief over view of what he will be playing.

    2x boar chariots
    2x 20x night gobbo squads with 2 fanatics per squad
    2x 20x Orc (maby black orc) squad with choppas i believe
    orc on a boar as his hero choice. and usualy has a ridiculous save.

    anyway the only pain in the bottom with his list is dealing with the second chariot. i figure my noble can deal with the first as he usualy does with the charge while HoDA and my archers can tear the rest of his army apart while they make their way to me, and once they get to me i will engage with my treeman and flank with either Wardancers or Drayds (whichever is left in list). and since he will only have 2 DD i can hopefully make him waste his dice on my treesinging so my Branchwraith can use his bound spell and cause some stupidity to happen. Thanks in advance for any advice.

    Please refrain from posting points cost for upgrades and single models.

    Last edited by Skarsgard; January 14th, 2009 at 01:01.

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    Senior Member talismanictattoo's Avatar
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    in my experience with orcs, it's that treesinging is your best friend. their units tend to be larger, and thus moving forests give them a hard time. Moving through a forrest can take awhile and treesinging/strangleroots can be nasty for orcs if they get stuck in a forrest. it's even better with chariots as they need to avoid the woods at all costs.

    In my games, i ushually focus my shooting against the chariots, HoDA and 2 units of Str 4 arrows can take down chariots in a turn or two.

    I might try a spellsinger with the staff of caligor insted of the branchwraith, just to add that extra casting in and ensure some tree movement. you should be able to catch one unit up, leaving the other to be the attention of both of your combat units. Try and keep your treeman out of combat for as long as possible, as his treesinging has good damage potential and will likely leave the unit running in circles in preperation for a charge that won't come.

    I think you are looking pretty good right now, but if you wanted to swap out a unit, I'd got with a unit of glade gaurd for glade riders. you are going to have to get into combat sooner or later and the dryads should hold up well against orcs

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    I think the list looks good. I would probably drop the helm on the noble for the netlings on the wraith. Put you right at 1k.

    Good luck,
    I am right 94% of the time, why worry about the other 3%.

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