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    First crack at a 2k list

    This is my first army list of 7th ed, and first try at Wood Elves. I have to admit that I don't really know what I'm doing!

    I have 164 points to spend left over and am hoping I can get some advice as to what to do with it, and what possibly to change.

    My early impression is that magic defense is a little weak with only 4 DD and 2 scrolls. I can treesing a little but that's basically it in terms of magic offense.

    I have a couple of good hammers (treeman, wild riders, wardancers, alter noble) but lack a good anvil. I really don't know what to do about this. Eternal Guard don't seem like a great idea because of the lack of a highborn to make them stubborn, and nothing else can really muster any kind of SCR or resiliency.

    I also maybe have too much march blocking/soft target hunting with 2 units of glade riders, an alter noble, a wild rider unit, and an eagle. I could probably cut down some here to free up more points, but I do still have a fair chunk to play with.

    It's been suggested that I move from a TMA to a regular TM, but if I do that I have no idea how I'm supposed to handle enemy characters and/or monsters, especially flying ones. Honestly the TMA with Annoyance of Netlings seems like the only thing in the list short of a dragon capable of doing this.

    Any ideas?



    Treeman Ancient - Annoyance of Netlings, Pageant of Shrkes, Cluster of Radients

    My heavy hitter. Equipped to help out with magic defense and go toe to toe with other big nasties in CC. Pageant of Shrikes is included to help take out lone mages, warmachine crew, standard bearers, and unit champions (particularly to ensure a challenge connects with a juicy target)


    Noble- Alter kindred, light armor, shield, great weapon, hand weapon, Hail of Doom Arrow, Helm of the Hunt

    Sneaky Noble designed to support in CC and whittle down a target with his arrow. Goals in life include flank charging a unit of heavy knights.

    Noble- Wild Rider Kindred (includes light armor), Dawnspear, Elven Steed

    Leads the wild riders, Dawnspear provides protection against retaliation in CC.

    Spellsinger - 2x Dispel scroll

    Scroll caddy/magic defense.


    10 Glade Guard
    10 Glade Guard

    Some basic shootyness.

    5 Glade Riders - Musician
    5 Glade Riders - Musician

    Hunters of war machine crews, lone wizards, and archers. March blockers and harassers extraordinaire. Hopes to one day get behind an enemy unit just before it panics/breaks. Will pull off a flank or rear charge in a pinch.

    8 Dryads

    Flank screen, some extra oomph.


    5 Wild Riders of Kurnous - Full Command, War Banner

    My heavy hitting fast cav. Rides with the noble and aims to gang up with other units to take down dangerous targets.

    8 Wardancers - Musician

    Another flank screen/killy unit to help gang up on whatever gets too close.


    (((Treeman Ancient)))

    Great Eagle

    Another unit to march block, hunt war machine crews, archers, and lone mages. I wish I could take two.

    ---------- Post added at 14:25 ---------- Previous post was at 14:23 ----------

    Here are previous replies -- I've already taken out the luminescents.


    Now regarding the army, honestly, your spending too much on your characters.

    TMA needs to lose the Luminescents and Shrikes, I'd also lose the WR noble aswell and spend the points on another unit insted, like say 5-6 wild riders with just the free muso. Either that or lose the TMA and take normal treeman insted.....

    I think you could definatly use another unit of dryads too.


    BSB if you're taking two treemen is always good. You could easily swap your alter kin.

    Ummm... I know you've heard the advice from the above post. But TMA does not need a spite to give him magical attacks. Being a forest spirit he already has them.

    If you're going for warmachine hunters/marchblockers/baiters, and you have the special slots, use minimum size units of Warhawk Riders. You get more wounds, and the fly rule for the same points. As well as hit and run, which in of itself can be useful.


    Anyway, yes point taken about Luminescents.

    I thought about a BSB but I only have 1 treeman.

    With respect to Warhawk Riders, do you all like them over glade riders?

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    I actually don't have any real issues with this list. Any list with an ancient is going to be heavy in character points, so I don't really consider that an issue. I would pick up a unit of warhawk riders with your extra points. Actually, I would probably drop the eagle and a unit of glade riders to get a unit of waywatchers as well.

    Good luck,
    I am right 94% of the time, why worry about the other 3%.

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    Heh, sorry. I guess I read in an extra treeman when it wasn't there. My bad.

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