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    Wood Elf 2250 Friendly

    After much toil I've finally come up with my first army list. For now I'll just be playing with it on a friendly basis, mainly against Bretonnians. Any comments or suggestions are much appreciated.


    Treeman Ancient w/ Netlings, Radiants
    Alter Noble w/ HotH, HoDA, GW, LA, Sh
    Spellsinger Level 1 w/ 2 Dispel Scrolls


    10 Glade Guard w/ Musician
    10 Glade Guard w/ Musician
    6 Glade Riders w/ Musician
    8 Dryads
    8 Dryads


    8 Wardancers w/ Full Command
    6 Wild Riders w/ Full Command & Warbanner
    6 Wild Riders w/ Full Command
    4 Tree Kin


    6 Waywatchers

    Total: 2250

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    Drop the champions on all of your special units.
    Drop the 6th glade rider.

    Beyond that, I'd consider dropping the treekin as well. I've run the math and I just don't see them doing very well against brets. They can take damage fairly well but static CR will kill you. If you can get a flank charge off with them they will shine, but this will be no easy task.

    You also might consider dropping the scroll caddy unless you know your opponent goes magic heavy. Brettonian magic is really, really bad.

    As far as what to do with the extra points, I'm less sure. More waywatchers might be nice for additional KBs against his knights. Another unit of glade riders could be good to march block with, but they are going to get chewed up if he takes a lot of peasant archers. Wild Riders seem excellent vs brets because they can get that ever-so-important flank on their knights. In the first round of combat you'll probably kill 1-2 knights and they have an outside chance of striking back and killing 1 wild rider. While you might not autobreak them you'll likely win combat (especially with the warbanner), and things will get even better next turn. So if you drop the treekin, you might even consider a third unit of these.

    Man, Orion's army would be so good against brets!

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    If you are going to take treekin, I would go against my normal advice, and say take a unit of 3. Its cheaper and against 3 wide knights thats the maximum that will fit in combat. Then drop some command models and get yourself another character. A BSB would be nice, or another alter or wardancer kindred.

    I also prefer wardancers when fighting brets, but I haven't played against them with an ancient. Wild riders give them a 5+ ward which is why I would take one unit of them, and two units of wardancers. And waywatchers are excellent.

    Good luck,
    I am right 94% of the time, why worry about the other 3%.

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