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Thread: 2250 First List

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    2250 First List

    I had htought I'd copied this list from someone here but can't find it. Anyway I just wanted to post how it fared and seek advice on revisions.

    Lord w regen save, 3+? ward, sword of might

    2 spellsingers w 2x dispel scrolls each

    2x 10 glade guard
    2x 8 dryads
    2x 8 wardancers
    1x 5 rlade riders
    3 treekin
    Great Eagle

    He had
    Lord on montrous mount (both T5 and, the mount was S7 and the Lord S6)
    Carnosaur w engine of the gods
    BSB with unit of 8 Cold Ones
    2x 16 Saurus
    2x 10 Skinks
    1 Lizard w flame template fire breath
    3 Flying bombing lizards

    This was my second game ever with WE (I usually play TK) and the list worked really well. The Treeman and Treekin ate a charge from the Coldones, killed the BSB, held and allowed the war dances to flank charge next turn.

    The Glade Guard shot the monstrous mount to death leaving his lord on foot. So his lord only ended up killing one unit of gg.

    The dryads ran down the fire breathing chameleon thing, the eagle basically counter moved against his flyers, preventing them from boming anything or risk getting charged. In the end they charged my spellsingers, who fled and so the eagle ended up getting charged instead, and he held, and then won combat next turn and pursued/over ran.

    At first I didn't think I could challenge his ranked units or his Carnisaurs but the Dragon killed the vanilla carnisaur and then flew back to deal with a ranked unit of saurus, charging them in the flank while they were stuck in with the Treeman.

    The Treeman was easily the game winner. He ate a charge from the coldones and then went on to stomp the engine of the gods and a ranked unit of saurus, with support from the wardances in the first and the Dragon Hero in the second.

    The Wardancers bounced off the montrous mount and got eaten. I feel I wasted them in the attempt.

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    It looks good however Wood Elves are based upon special and rare choices you can probably cut back on the coremaybe drop a unit of the dryads, and refine them to units of 8 otherwise they won't all get in base contact.I'd like to see some waywatchers as its always fun to see a heavliy armoured unit of knights get owned!

    Best wishes

    Wild Hunter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wild Hunter View Post
    It looks good however Wood Elves are based upon special and rare choices you can probably cut back on the core
    I agree that it looks good, but I disagree about the core thing =) I think Wood Elves have excellent core choices that should form, well, the core of the army. Specials in particular tend to be very fragile for their points cost, and building your army around them while neglecting core is going to result in a very, well, fragile force.

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    Yeah, core is really important to our army, but he does have three special choices and two rares. I like waywatchers, but I like both of the other choices as well, and have used all three in different lists. I don't subscribe to the theory that one is better than the others, they all can serve a purpose. And our army in general isn't reliant on any particular units being used.

    The only thing in the list that I am not really a fan of is the treekin. I prefer to use them in units of four. And having a BSB around to help them is a nice addition as well. In this list you can't have that, so I would switch the treekin for something else. The treeman is quite capable of holding the centre by himself.

    And I am not really in love with the sword of might either. I would try mercew's locus, that would be a big surprise for the knights charging in expecting to wound with there lances or spears.

    Good luck,
    I am right 94% of the time, why worry about the other 3%.

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