2250 Vs Tomb Kings - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2250 Vs Tomb Kings

    Highborn – Shield, Sword of Might, Oaken Armour, Stone of the Crystal Mere, Forest Dragon – 568pts
    Spellsinger – Dispel Scroll x 2 – 140pts
    Spellsinger – Dispel Scroll x 2 – 140pts

    10 Glade Guard – Musician – 126pts
    10 Glade Guard – Musician – 126pts
    8 Dryads – 96pts
    8 Dryads – 96pts
    8 Dryads – 96pts

    6 Wild Riders – Musician, Standard, War Banner – 199pts
    3 Treekin – 196pts
    7 Wardancers – Musician – 133pts

    Great Eagle

    A dragon is always nice, especially the wood elf one, and i adore the model. I predict it will be chowing down on the Picnic Basket of Souls at some point.

    The treekin are in there after playing a few of my frineds tournament lists and trying them out and they rocked, even against engines. i assume he'll be taking some ushabti, and for this i think the treekin will do nicely, thats if the tree dies to the Screaming Skull Catapult first turn.

    Not so sure about the wild riders, not used them in a unit of 6 and never against undead, but i just converted some tree-centaurs and so i want to use them

    the eagle is in there because i had 50 spare points, and i can use it to either tie up the Catapult of sit behind his army and scream SHOOT ME IN THE FACE! (while the rest of my army closes in)

    As always the tactics i will use (or attempt to use!) are.....fly into the catapult and baskets faces and chew them off, thus protecting the tree, treekin etc, shoot a little bit and outmaneuver to my hearts content..........

    ...oh yeah and lets jnot forget.......HIDE IN THE TREES!!!

    any thoughts/comments most welcome

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    Looks like a strong list. The only thing I am not in love with is the treekin. They just have too much trouble overcoming combat resolution. As the list doesn't have much that can keep up with the dragon, I would trade them in for another unit of wild riders.

    Good luck,
    I am right 94% of the time, why worry about the other 3%.

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