I've played with mostly a lot of wardancers and stuff and my treeman and treekin were not assembled at the time.. soo here goes.

Wardancer lord
blades of loec
annoyance of netlings

great weapon
light armor
hail of doom arrow
helm of the hunt


I think he's legal, right? Never used anything but wardancer lords and nobles before.

lvl 1
cluster of radiants

11 dryads, nymph, 144
BW goes here..

9 dryads, 108
8 dryads 96
10 glade guard, musician 126
10 glade guard, musician 126

11 wardancers, full command 219
10 wardancers, musician, 187

4 treekin 260

treeman 285

6 waywatchers 144

I feel I have good combat potential with the huge waywatcher units, and dryads being ITP. My WW and alter noble are there to take out war machines. If I go up against my buddies Dark elves.. I plan on using the HoDA against his blackguard...

Also, does it count as multiple shots? Just checking.

I am currently repainting my autumn themed wood elf army to a winter themed.. it's prettier.

He does not like magic, however I dont know if he'll be using magic or not. I will rely on my tats and some of my DD for that.. I hope to close as quickly as possible. I think he'll be using 4 units of 5 dark riders most likely. He seems to love them. 1 unit of 20 executioners, 1 unit of 20 black guard and possibly a dragon.

Another question. Since big targets cant be killing blowed.. can i still use killing blow dance and inflict a wound with no armor save allowed? I haven't played a game in a LONG time so any help is appreciated. Thnx.