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Thread: 2k All Comers

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    Senior Member Temujin Khan's Avatar
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    Jul 2009
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    2k All Comers

    -The Spirit Sword, Stone of Crystal Mere, Briarsheath, Shield, Alter Kindred

    Standard Alter Noble

    -Lvl 1 Wizard, An Annoyance of Netlings, A Cluster of Radiants

    2x 10 Glade Guard

    10 Glade Guard

    2x 8 Dryads

    8 Dryads
    -Branch Nymph

    5 Glade Riders

    2x 7 Wardancers

    3 Warhawk Riders

    7 Waywatchers

    Great Eagle

    PD: 3
    DD: 4

    Models: 87

    So I can't decide if I want a Bodkins Highborn or not. I figure with my Spirit Sword Highborn, monsters won't be too much of an issue. And for heavy cav, I got my waywatchers and 30 glade guard.

    Does anyone have any experience with the Spirit Sword?

    As always, any comments would be awesome.


    "My Word is Iron"
    "Show me your Friends, and I'll show you your Future"

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    Senior Member TheGuiding's Avatar
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    May 2009
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    I like both the bodkins and the spirit set-up for an highborne. It depends on whom you are playing... If you are playing a tourny that is infested with large bulky monsters, take the spirit highborne. Otherwise take the bodkins highborne! The bodkins highborne is way more effective against rank and file troops because of its 6 BS6 S3 no armour hits while making fly moves!

    If you field an "Spirit Highborne" but dont face any monsters you will have about 300pts running around doing nothing. So thats the big downside.

    I mostly take the bodkins highborne, because you can ignore one monster but you cant ignore multiple big infantry or cavalry blocks... So if you take the bodkins and you face monsters, not too much of a problem. But if you take the sword and you dont face any monsters you do have a problem...

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