Spellweaver lvl 3 - 315
-Calaingor's Staff
-Divination Orb
-The Deep Wood Sphere
-Disspell Scroll

Noble - 140
- Wardancer kindered
-Blades of Loec

Branchwraith lvl 1 - 140
-Cluster of radiants

Glade Guard- 120
Glade Guard- 120

Wardancers-singer x 10 - 194

Wardancers-singer x 11 - 212

Tree man- 285

Tree man- 285

So Far points wise it's 1811
With PD-6 and DD-6

The way im gonna be playing this army is GG on a hill or strung out and the WD and Tree man teaming up together on units so ive got two teams going from the flanks GG in the middle taking on big hard units drawing them to them so by the tim there there i would of hopefully broken both flanks and start moving in from there. while my Branchwraith and spellweaver sit in the woods out of harm way tree singing but ive got 189 points left and i dont know which way to go having more GG or Dryads to fill the core requirement up.

Any help suggestions or alterations welcome.
Thanks in advance.