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    1500 point for doubles tournament

    There is a 1500 point doubles tournament coming up and I am playing with some High Elves.

    Noble, Alter, LArmor, Shield, Great Weapon, Helm of the Hunt, Hail of Doom Arrow -158
    Spellsinger, lvl2, 2 Dispell Scrolls -175
    Branchwraith, lvl 1, Cluster of Radiance, Annoyance of Nettlings -165

    10 Glade Guard -120
    8 Dryads -96
    5 Glade Riders -120

    10 Wardancers -180
    6 Wild Riders, Musician, Standard Bearer, Warbanner -199

    Treeman -285

    Should be 1498 points.

    The high elf army I am playing with is going to have 2 mages, korhil, some phoenix guard, white Lions, and repeater bolt throwers.

    Any thoughts on this army? (be critical please)

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    If he fields 2 mages is there really need for a scroll cady and a dispell brancwraith? Can he dispell spells aimed at you?

    Anyway, I think the setup is good. I dont know how you are going to play this, but he seems to field almost all units that will not move during the game (2 mages in a unit of PG flanked by two RBT's) So the only thing he will move up will be the white lions. Which are pretty nasty once they are in close combat. What I mean is this: Should you really be the one crossing the table? With that much shooting on your side, wouldn't you be better served if you added some more shooting instead of the Treeman and the dispel magic? Maybe a unit of Waywatchers for the tough opponents, or 2 units of 8 wardancers to make up for the lack of combat power of your teamie...

    Well I got carried away a bit (I usually get carried away) but I hope this helps.

    I would drop the Treeman, drop the wardancers to a unit of 8 add another unit of 8 wardancers, add a unit of 10 GG. And then maybe (depending on the dispel rules) drop the mage for either an aggressive one, or for more dryads or shooting. Think about fielding Waywatchers for march blocking and tin cans. If both of you field static shooting, then march blocking is the way to go!

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