Hello everyone, I've taken a long sojourn from Fantasy and have been playing 40k (Ulthwe` Eldar and Black Templar Space Marines). Recently however I've gotten back into Fantasy and bought/assembled/painted a wood elf army (much like I did when I first played Fantasy a decade ago) and I decided to post the list so that you all could see how another wargamer's mind works when making themed lists. The list should be 100% legal (only questionable item is perhaps on the Wild Rider Kindred Noble) and I'll outline the methodology behind the list creation and how it is to work.

The Great Hunt, Warhost of Athel Loren - 2250 Wood Elf Fantasy List

The Forest Stalkers of Athel Loren - 809 pts.
Lord - Waywatcher Lord Sylvos Callandor the Huntsman, Ranger-general of Athel Loren - 281
  • Highborn
  • Waywatcher Kindred
  • Extra hand weapon
  • The Bow of Athel Loren
  • Blight of Terrors
Rare - 10 Waywatchers - 240
Core - 12 Glade Guard - 144
Core - 12 Glade Guard - 144

The Wrath of Durthu - 641
Hero - Branchwraith Ce'Nedra, Handmaiden of Durthu - 140
  • Branchwraith
  • Level 1 Wizard
  • Cluster of Radiants
Core - 8 Dryads with Branch Maiden - 108
Core - 8 Dryads with Branch Maiden - 108
Rare - Treeman Dornatha the Verdant Rage - 285

The Outriders of Orion - 795
Hero - Huntmaster Lloric Tanelsan, Lord of the Hunt - 205
  • Wild Rider Kindred
  • Great Stag
  • Annoyance of Netlings
  • Helm of the Hunt
Special - 5 Wild Riders of Kurnous with Musician and Standard Bearer - 148
Special - 5 Wild Riders of Kurnous with Musician and Standard Bearer - 148
Special - 7 Wardancers with Musician and Bladesinger - 147
Special - 7 Wardancers with Musician and Bladesinger - 147

Total - 2245

Group 1 functions as a single kill team - isolating and killing units as a group. If there is a warmachine or caster that is running around in the backfield then the Waywatcher team with the General will be deployed near to unleash enough shots to hopefully take out that unit or cripple it's effectiveness. I know using the Bow of Athel Loren on the Waywatcher Lord negates the Lethal Shots ability but I am trading 4 ranged shots for it on the offchance that the model has a unit strength of greater than 2. The Blight of Terrors on the General is to be used to either discourage charges as well as push the opponents units into my other Kill teams. I figure with the 24 ranged shots plus the 14 waywatcher shots (10 of which will have Lethal Shot at short range) that this kill team will do well in disrupting the backfield as well as the forward face of my opponents army.

Group 2 functions as a defensive unit with the Treeman forming the anvil that the two Dryad squads can flank with. The terror on the treeman should hopefully keep my archers from harm as well as allow me to use this kill team along with group 1 to control opponents movement via fear/terror and hopefully control the battlefield. Not to mention the strength of these units are pretty good for outright killing a block formation group. The fear that is caused by every unit here is important especially against non-fear immune units (granted that's like maybe 50% of the units but whatever!)

Group 3 is my divide and conquer team. The noble will be with one of the Wild Rider units and they will attempt to flank while one of my squads of wardancers uses their ward save dance to function as the anvil while the calvary and other wardancer units are the hammer. The very purpose of this group is to remove at least 1 unit per round and push my opponent into my fear/terror bubble. The Wild Rider Noble will be issuing challenges so that his Annoyance of Netlings works to my advantage and hopefully neutralizing a killer character in my opponents squad.

All in all, the army is a finesse army that has some fairly blatant weak spots. Low magic dice and pretty much 0 unit strength strong squads. With the exception of Group 2 there are not that many strong melee units (Wild Riders and Wardancers are good but lack of ranks and the fact that they will need to be used together nullifies their stand-aloneness). I am hoping to use this army much like a skirmish host that controls the battlefield and removes 1-2 units a turn while not suffering too many casualties in return. Terrain and Tree-singing will definitely be something I will have to think about every game as well as making sure I don't over-extend my squads trying to capitalize on fear/terror/routing. This army will also rely heavily on my ranged capabilities, keeping an open killing ground for my Glade Guard and Waywatchers will be very important and I will have to move them to keep in range of my dryads/Treeman to prevent fliers from bushwacking them. I am hoping to capitalize on the speed of the army as well as using multiple small units to harass squads to my advantage.

I wanted to make a "Ranger" army that has a lot of skilled archers and swordsmen and sadly I did not have enough points to add Treekin to the list. I also wanted to use a Battle Standard Bearer or even a Spellsinger but alas, points did not work out so I will have to do without.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the list and the wall text of my ramblings! Now to work on my Skaven list!