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    8th ed. 3000 points

    What do you guys think? I'm looking for suggestions to improve the list or tactics, for 8th edition of course.
    Spellweaver (Lore of Life): Lv. 4, Wand of Wych Elm
    Treeman Ancient: Murder of Spites, Muster of Malevolents, Cluster of Radiants
    Noble: Battle Standard Bearer, Royal Standard of Ariel, Light Armor
    Noble: Alter Kindred, Sword of Might, Helm of the Hunt, Potion of Recklessness, Ironbane Icon, Shield, Light Armor
    3 units of Glade Guard: 11 models each, Standard, Musician
    2 units of Dryads: 12 models each, Champion
    2 units of Treekin: 6 models each, 1 has a champion
    1 unit of Wardancers: 8 models, no command
    2 units of Waywatchers: 5 models each, no command
    Basic tactics/strategies for this list:
    The Spellweaver sits no more than 12" from the Treeman Ancient (preferably behind him), near the BSB (that's what the Wardancers are for- the Spellweaver and BSB go in the WD unit, for protection. The unit is not supposed to see combat, the rest of the army forms up around them.) Lore of Life allows me to restore wounds to him or to the Tree Kin on any successful cast, and it has a spell allowing me to restore models to units. The Tree man and Tree Kin form the core of the line, while the Dryads run flanking interference. The Glade guard try to position in such a way that they can get good shots without getting in the way of the main line. Alternately 1 unit goes in front and flees from charges to draw units out of position. 2 GG try to keep near the flanks, for extra protection. They have standards because of the one scenario where you have to keep a certain number of stadards or you lose. The waywatchers and the alter noble are on war machine duty. If I take them down, or if my opponent doesn't field any, then the noble is a character hunter and the waywatchers hit anything with armor or worth lots of points per model.

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    Seems like a pretty nice list. I usually run a lot of wardancers as I love them. I have no idea what 8th edition has in mind or in store at all.. I have a 8th edition WoC list that I wouldnt mind trying out against a list like this. I can't say if it's soft or hard for 8th. Definitely plenty of shooting!

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    Personally I think the ancient is overloaded with spites. I would take the cluster and annoyance myself. The extra stomp attacks should help him over the extra spite attacks. I also don't think the standard of ariel will be as good in this edition. A 6+ ward, while useful, just isn't reliable enough.

    I think I would try to the get weaver some kink of ward save also.

    Good luck,
    I am right 94% of the time, why worry about the other 3%.

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