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    115 (x6)

    1500 points of tested 8th Wood Elves.

    Level 4 Spellweaver
    Lore of Life, Rhymer's Harp


    Glade Guard x28
    Champ, Musician, Standard

    Glade Guard x10
    Musician, Standard

    Glade Guard x10
    Musician, Standard

    Dryads x12

    Way Watchers x8

    Great Eagle

    Great Eagle

    This is the list I played with against a dwarf player earlier today and I nearly tabled him. Admittedly there were some poor rolls on his part, but nonetheless I've found this list to be the basis for my army now.

    Rank the big unit of GG 10x3 and stick the Weaver and Noble in it, and keep the other GG in blocks of 5x2. Run the Dryads in front of the massive block for protection and use BS4 to your advantage and shoot past them when you can. The spells you want for your weaver are Throne of Vines and the basic spell (can't remember the name, but it offers a regen save), and beyond that Regrowth is next on the list. What this gives you is a unit with S4 longbows with a 5+ ward save and 4+ regen save making your once frail GG into a very sturdy force, and should you find yourself getting charged, you can happily stand and shoot for massive amounts of fire, and possibly throw in the HoDA as well. The Way Watchers really have only gotten better in 8th because they can march and shoot and can quickly get to enemy warmachines, which is something the Eagles shine at. If you happen to get Shield of Thorns, the Eagles are a fantastic choice because it does 2d6 S3 attacks to any unit in base contact with the eagle at the end of your magic phase, but this goes well on almost any unit as well. It remains in play so you can cast it early on before they take off and you'll be set.

    I was very pleased at how this list turned out, and while it was proxied, I have already put most of the order in.

    What do you think?

    Also, I was thinking about loosing the Dryads. They were nice, but the just didn't hold up in combat at all. I had some poor rolls, but even after charging a flank to a unit already engaged in combat, they still couldn't turn the tide of battle. I might try replacing them with Glade Riders, maybe Wild Riders if I have the points.

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    One important thing to remember is that ward and regen saves no longer stack, you must pick one or the other to use. Also, if you're thinking about increasing the size of your army Eternal Guard ranked 7x3 or even 7x4 or 7x5 are even better than Glade guard. Split the Glade Guard up into units of 10 and pick up a Highborn to lead the eternal guard (with Rhymer's Harp of course, I went Rhymer's harp Sword of Striking Dragonshelm Light Armor shield), and grab the wand of wych elm on your spellweaver. Total lord points there is 556, so it fits nicely in a 2250 army, and you can drop down some glade guard while staying well over 25% core. A bsb with the Obsidian Lodestone (MR3) is a great addition to that unit as well (2+ ward vs spells is very nice indeed). Throw in a Tree Kin unit or a treeman for support and you have yourself a pretty strong line.

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    I think it looks good, but I would get the banner of springtide for the large unit of archers. And don't forget some armour for your noble.

    Have fun,
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